MR Rock Coroner 01.11.12

Our offices have just learned of the death of Jim “Motorhead” Sherwood on 25 Dec 2011.
Fans of Frank Zappa will know Motorhead as the head roadie, equipment handler, eventual Baritone Sax Player, and Teen Heartthrob When he was not hustling groupies. On the back cover of The 1968 Album “Were Only In It For The Money” He is the only one facing the camera. He passed in Los Angeles he was 69.
Suzy Creamcheese could not be reached for comment.

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  1. We’re starting to lose all the greats faster than we can keep up with ’em….. It’s sad…. It’s hard for me to realize that they’re all getting older (just like me!) when you grab (or click on) a track and listen to the music they put out….. The music is still awesome to me, and is as fresh today as the first time I heard it….. The album covers, unfortunately, freezes their images in time….. When I hear of one of them passing, I think, “That can’t be! Look how young they look on this album cover!”….. I guess that’s the weird thing about getting older – You may look it, but, most of us don’t think we’re old ( most of the time, anyway!)….. Just Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow!…..

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