Justice Finally Served WM3

Friday August 19th 2011 I received some of the best news I could ever hope for.
A cause that has been close to my heart has had a positive turn. The West Memphis 3 has been released from prison in Arkansas after 18 years.
Thanks to the pressure from many people not just the celebrities that have picked up the cause as of late, But mostly Henry Rollins who has championed the cause for many years and through him I became aware of this case, These 3 boys have finally been able to breath free air.
Thanks to DNA testing the Ark Supreme court finally had to acknowledge that there was reasonable doubt of their guilt.
For more info visit http://www.wm3.org/

One Response to “Justice Finally Served WM3”

  1. The Justice system is “Just-as” screwed up as ALL of our State and Federal Government systems are…… I wonder, from this and other convictions that have been overturned, where people have lost 10-20 years of their life, just how many more are incarcerated that are innocent?….. I could give you a long list of people who SHOULD be locked up……

    The problem is that the people in charge are totally incompetent…. They have their High-Powered Positions because of Big Money, Big Business, and Big Connections…. You can’t even get a street-sweeper’s job without the right connections anymore, and getting your name on a Ballot for ANY office requires a small fortune at a minimum…… We’re a “Green” Country alright….. ‘Cause, if you don’t have the “Green”, you’re controlled by “The Machine”…… I hate to say it, but, unless something – like the entire population waking up and realizing just how deep in the sewer we are – AND, then doing something about it, it’s going to get worse…..

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