27-String Guitar!…….

That’s a lot of strings…..  How would you like to be this guy’s roadie and have to change the strings on this monster guitar and keep the darn thing in tune……  I sometimes have problems keeping my 6-string guitar in tune, especially when I’m pushing and bending the strings a lot……

A friend of mine sent this to me, so, I don’t know if it’s making the rounds or not, but, if you haven’t seen it, check out the 27-String Guitar ……..  If you’re really interested after seeing the video, here’s his website …..  Enjoy!…..

10 Responses to “27-String Guitar!…….”

  1. So that’s where the old finger pickers went. Very nice.

    What’s with his fingernails. Do they look like some kind of paste-ons? They look too perfect.

  2. Yeah, I noticed that, too, Anon….. I can’t tell if they are some weird finger picks or a super manicure…… Did you notice that the 6-string part of the instrument looks like it’s touch activated?….. He’s basically tapping the chords out with his left hand, while he is picking on the lower bass and/or upper high strings….. I don’t know if you’ve seen Jek’s Bass/Guitar that he has, but, it has electronics in it that allow you to tap a string(s) with one hand and it sounds like it was picked (plenty of volume)…… It’s pretty cool and fun to play….. It’s handmade by a guy there in Seattle….. Maybe Jek will find a little time to fill us in a bit on it?…..

  3. I tried playing Jek’s Touch Guitar. Is that what you meant? I didn’t do well,,,takes a light touch.

    I better go back and watch the guy’s fingers again.

  4. I watched in slow motion without sound and then standard motion with sound. My guess is he’s playing in one big open tuning. The base strings for drones and the treble for melody. The left hand is using simple fingering while the right hand is doing the real work which makes me think the six strings are in a tuning. Look out John Fahey.

  5. I agree with you it’s a given that the numerous Bass strings and the shorter high strings are in one big open tuning since the only strings I see him fingering with his left hand is the 6-string guitar neck in the middle, which also could very well be in an open tuning…… Since there are only 6 strings and he is playing a 3 chord progression, that’s takes up his left hand for the fingering….. I wonder if he has to re-tune the entire guitar in order to play a different song?…… Just when you think you’ve seen it all!….. It is an amazing show of musicianship….. I can’t imagine how many hours were spent in the design, manufacture, and learning how to play the bloody thing!……

  6. It must take forever to tune the thing. I’ll bet he hires someone to do it while he’s out plowing the north forty. I hope he has locking pegs on that thing.

  7. He probably has a “Pit Crew” to change the strings and tune it…… It would definitely be a full time job with overtime for one person to be able to do it……

  8. I have enough problems playing MR’s 1 string guitar. What would I do with 27 strings.

  9. It’s definitely not a touch guitar. Looks pretty cumbersome.

    Those look like real fingernails to me. I’d tear them up working in the yard, on the bike, etc.

  10. I was referring to the 6-string neck portion of the guitar….. he hammers down on the strings with his left hand and you hear the chords, while, at the same time, he is picking either the bass strings or the high short strings with his right hand, so, he either has a STRONG left hand or the 6-string neck is electronically enhanced for some sort of touch playing……

    Foo Man Choo (?) would be envious of those fingernails……

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