Oklahoma Rain Gauge

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  1. I’m sorry, Robo, but that bottle cap is way “Too Large” to accurately measure all the “Rainfall” that we’re not getting….. You need something that can measure Water Vapor in the air, although, I doubt if you would get much of a reading from it…… Desert Oklahoma – We’ve now tied the all-time record for the “Number of Days over 100 in a Single Month” which is 24 days. If we reach 100 today – We Break it….. Great and send water, Please……

  2. Time to go Noodling and cool off.

  3. With my luck, Anon, a 60 Lb. Catfish would take my arm off….. I guess that would help somewhat – I would lose some bodyweight, and not have as much skin surface to cool….. Sorry, no Noodling for me…..

    We DID break the Single Month Record today with 25 days over 100, and we still have 2 days left in July….. We are also on the road to breaking the all-time Season record with 37 days so far over 100….. The record is 50 days set in 1980….. The 7 day forecast shows even Hotter temps – up into the 110 range….. Just what we don’t need…..

  4. Anon, have you seen some of the news reports from around Oklahoma? If you were floating in the water in most lakes and rivers in Oklahoma, you’d have to reach up to find the bottom. On the other hand, if you found a catfish, just put it on the dash of you car – baked catfish anyone? Hood of a black car – fried catfish anyone? Bucket of water in the trunk – catfish stew. Tied to the antenna – catfish jerky. Trying to come up with a way to get smoked catfish without making fun of the wildfire victims. Just add pepper – Blackened catfish.

  5. “Been down so long it feels like up” ?

    The news says a storm is heading toward Texas. Is that going to break the heat or just add water?

  6. Anon, Steamed catfish just add storm in Texas!

  7. Robo: Better clarify for all our friends in other states that the current rain situation is just in central Oklahoma. I was on my way in this afternoon and from the TX state line on I-40 to just past Elk City I had to drive 40 MPH because it was raining so hard I could not see .25 mile ahead.

  8. So JJ, sounds like your going with steamed blackened catfish. I hope your AC doesn’t break are it will be steamed JJ. Wish the rain would move north there seems to be rain all around us, some of it even moves into the state. I think it’s just teasing us.

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