NBC News is just Breaking at 2200pm cdtThat Osama Bin Laden has been Killed .

5 Responses to “BIN LADEN DEAD”

  1. #1 by huskysooner

    I was watching the Phillies game, and the crowd just started going crazy.

    Good riddance.

  2. As my Grandmother would say, “You reap what you sow”…… It was a long time coming….. I was about to think that our Government had forgotten about the sorry *%#<#%^*...... Bye-Bye Bennie......

  3. What comes around goes around.

  4. #4 by MRambler

    …..and around, and around, and around….. Hopefully NOT!…….

  5. Nuke Em all and let God sort em out.
    Give peace a chance.
    In the end God will prevail.

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