Long Lost Jimi Hendrix Jam……

Back in the early ’70’s, we had a K-Mart located on Lincoln Blvd. just North of the State Capitol…..  In the music section, in what we called at the time, “The Cut-Out Bin”, I found three (3) Jimi Hendrix “bootleg” albums.….  They all had the same cover – the body of a White Stratocaster and the simple labeling of Volume 1, 2, and 3….  It turned out that they were jams Jimi did in a hotel room in New York on a reel-to-reel by himself and with friends……  I paid the outrageous price of a buck each for the albums…..  I have never seen any copies of them since……  I have just started going through all my stored junk and ran across them…..  As I have everything that I know of that has been commercially released by Jimi, NONE of these tracks appear on them…..  Here’s a sample…..  I think he was experimenting and/or slightly “High” (Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll)……       Jam 713

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  1. You Still Got a working turntable? I am assuming that these are different than the stuff on that purple CD you played for me some time ago?

  2. Mark that up as 1 fooled. Nice try MR.

  3. Damn!, I was hoping to get you especially, Jek…… The truth is I do have the albums described, and, they are unreleased jams, BUT –

    This is Terraplane – recorded this last Wednesday (27APR11)……. These are the base tracks for a song titled, “Friction”……

    HA, Ha! – April Fool’s Day 29…….

  4. Well, that didn’t last long, only 4 comments.

  5. #5 by MRambler

    Yeah, I was, at least, hoping to get a few comments on the music, after I admitted the small fraud – I apologize, Jimi …… Oh, well, it was worth a shot (in the dark)…… I hoped to have a little fun…. I’ll Post it again when it is completed and see if I get a better response……. BTW, all the tracks were 1st takes (I know, they sound that way, right?), Some vocals and a few other things will be added….

    The song has stated in C#3 is titled, “Friction”, which goes with another project called, “Stranger Than Friction”, and we may top it off with one called, “Non-Friction”…….

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