April 26, 1991

April 26, 1991:
1991 – APR – 26 Weather Event
This won’t ring a bell for you Seattle-ites, but at least Jek will know what I’m talking about.

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  1. I’m not for sure, but, I’d bet my paycheck (if I had a paycheck) that it has something to do with the two of you playing Storm Chasers, and maybe biting off a bit more than you could handle……

    Here’s a cool NOAA site that everyone should have on their computers….. You can check ANY location that has a weather station and get all the info you want about what’s happening there weather wise.….. Not only right now, you have access to logs on previous days, weeks, even months……

    I check out Seattle, Jamaica, New Orleans, and Colorado Springs daily, along with any other place I might think of…… Check it out……

  2. What happened?

  3. Anon, I edited HS’s Post so that you can click on it and read what happened that day….. How it pertains to Jek and HS, I don’t know…..

    Yeah, Jek and HSWhat Happened????…..

  4. #4 by huskysooner

    Crappy video (wrong date, and the damage was F4 not F5), but check out…
    …at about 20 seconds in.

    There’s much better video footage of the storm, but those are the suspects.

  5. Wow! Has it been 20 years!! That is crazy! Let me just say that I got lots of good pictures of cows. You would not believe how bored I was sitting out in the middle of nowhere with (you guessed it) cows. Obviously I had no idea what we were in store for. It was my first chase.

    Too bad I didn’t have a digital camera. I could have erased those cows and captured the tornado in its full, scary glory… and those silly farmers that thought it was necessary to point out the incredibly huge tornado on the horizon. Gary Larson couldn’t have drawn those overalled farmers better!

  6. #6 by huskysooner

    Did you watch the video, Jek? Again, just around 0:20.

  7. “Wedge on the ground, Wedge on the ground, cows flying around. See ya pop. I’ll be late for supper.

  8. HS: I didn’t catch that you called out the 20 second mark. I did notice, of course. Funny! Not as funny as farmers, but funny.

    I remember barely being able to stand in the wind… could lean almost my whole weight against it. Totally awesome!

  9. #9 by huskysooner

    I don’t remember our exact route, but we started on the west side of Okeene (experiencing large hail back in the rear-flank downdraft) and followed the storm to Enid. Then east on 64. I seem to recall a couple-mile stretch of gravel somewhere between Enid and 77, possibly on the east side of I-35. The video was taken heading north on 77, heading toward Ponca City. Baby blue Ford Escort was the second car in the video. The first car belonged to my friend Matt, who is now a prof up at U. North Dakota. There are three people in front of my car… I’m the dork with the white shorts and the dark shirt. One of the other two is Jek — the striped shirt and white (?!) pants?

    This was near the end of our chase that day. Our road options, which up to this point were about perfect, started to suck. And the tornado ended up being wrapped in rain, making it difficult to see.

  10. That’s too cool…. You never know when you’re on candid camera…… I had Jek pegged as the “Dork” in the white shorts (sorry, HS)…… It’s a shame the video wasn’t better quality…… Still great stuff…

    Along the same lines, it looks as if Oklahoma is going to have to give up it’s “Tornado Alley” fame, although, all of the fronts that produced the record breaking severe tornados that have destroyed most of the Southern U.S. originated in Oklahoma just East of the I-35 corridor anywhere from 15 to 40 miles East of MR HQ…… Seems as if the “Alley” has shifted to the East….. Mother Nature has gone weird on us……

  11. #11 by huskysooner

    A single day worth of storms like yesterday, or even several, won’t shift the climatology much. Keep in mind that the biggest outbreak of all time (3-4 April 1974) was from Alabama up to nearly Michigan (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Outbreak).

    Jek has the pictures and may be able to verify our wardrobe. They may be all of cows, however.

  12. Jek, if you post any of the pictures, will you label which ones are the cows and which ones are you hare-brained storm chasers….Ha!…..

    A friend sent me this slide show of “25 Deadliest Tornadoes in US History” You’re right, HS, they are all over the U.S.……

  13. Wait a minute. Those dweebs are us?! OK, I pretty much misunderstood which of the dates and place was wrong in the video. I thought that tornado looked exactly like the one I remembered. Was that the only place we stopped? My memory is that we were facing the storm and on the other side of the road.

    Wow, if that’s me in the stripes/white pants, I have no defense for my chasing fashion. I’ll see if I can track down those pics.

  14. #14 by huskysooner

    The storm was moving pretty quickly, and I think that’s about the only place we stopped. We were facing north on 77 and on the right side of the road as the tornado crossed the road from left-to-right. I’m 98% sure that’s us.

  15. #15 by huskysooner

    And no need to apologize for fashion. I’m mean, c’mon, who the hell wears white nutter shorts on a chase? (Me, that’s who, apparently.)

  16. I dug through a lot of pictures last night and could not find the infamous cow chase pics. However, I did find what is likely the roll just before we left the dorms. In one of the pics dated 91-04-26, HS is wearing his dark blue Adidas shirt that has a large cyan logo on the front with dark tan shorts. I’m guess that you didn’t change clothes before hiking. If that’s the case, it’s not a perfect match for the video. There are no pics of myself in that roll.

    I did find a great shot of Lawman in a suit, also on April 26th. I wonder what he was doing while we were chasing…

  17. #17 by huskysooner

    Hmmmm. This is more interesting than the Zapruder video.

  18. Wow HS That is too cool I did not know that you went out storm chasing. Although I should have figured that out given your Profession. I have a friend that allways wanted me to storm chasing with him, But I think if I ever did it I would look you up, at least you have experience.

  19. Oh Hold It, as a survivor of the may 8 2003 tornado that hit The GM plant I just remembered “I Do not ever want to get that close to one of those Damn things ever again.”

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