Easter Sunday…..

Just what does an E-Bunny and an E-Egg have to do with the serious Biblical event we are supposed to be celebrating?…… Besides that, which came first – the E-Bunny or the E-Egg??….. ….And, where was the E-Chicken when all this was going on?…… I bet she was mad when she checked her nest…..

I’m sure I could “Search” for all of this, but, being lazy, I thought I would throw it out for discussion and sucker the MR Community into doing my work….. Ha!….. BTW, PD Bob left at daylight to go Rabbit Hunting, even though it is “Duck Season” – “Rabbit Season” – “Duck Season” (Bugs/Daffy)……

Anyway, have a serious day, or a “Looney Tunes” day – Your Choice…… (I’m looking in my “Acme” catalog right now – They have instant delivery, you know)…… Remember, watch out for 500 lb. anvils…. They’re in the air everywhere…….

7 Responses to “Easter Sunday…..”

  1. PD Bob returned from his “Bunny Hunt” with two slightly injured E-Bunnies – Which I immediately gave first aid and sent them on their way – and, 1,324 “Peppered” E-Eggs….. By “Peppered” I mean filled with buckshot….. So, if you are around MR Central, and grab an E-Egg for a snack, just add salt, as it’s already peppered….. PD Bob attached a disclaimer to every egg stating that he is not paying any Dentist Bills.….

    Upon checking his camera, I found pictures of irate mothers and crying kids as PD Bob blasted away at their Easter baskets, quickly grabbing his “Kill”, and speeding off into the woods….. He had placed the camera in a tree and set it on a timer….. Of course, he’s rolling on the floor right now, claiming it was the best holiday of the year…… Something needs to be done to make him see the “Devilishness” of his ways – Any Suggestions????….

  2. A wife would work. (someone else said that)

  3. Where would you find a female Prairie Dog that would put up with PD Bob in the first place, and, I always thought “Devilishness” is one of the main attributes of females….. Can you imagine PD Bob times 2!!!….. I don’t even want to think about it…….

  4. Try Prozac

  5. #5 by MRambler

    I’m not that familiar with Prozac, but if it does what I think it does, there would be 100’s of PD Bob Rug Rats, and, who do you think would educate them?…… Do you really want an Army of High-Tech sneaks that would be capable of defeating any and all security and defense systems just for the fun of doing it?……. Definitely, NO enhancing drugs for PDB!…….

  6. No. Prozac is what they give some of the crazys to calm down.

  7. If that’s the case, there’s not enough Prozac in the World to “Normalize” PD Bob…….

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