“Fire and Rain”……

An appropriate song title from James Taylor that fits the Oklahoma Weather this year…… The western half of the state, along with most of west Texas, has been consumed by wildfires, better known as “Firestorms”, while the eastern half of the state has been getting more than it’s share of thunderstorms and Tornadoes…..

The latest outbreak occurred this last Thursday from a “dry line” that formed right over the “I-35 corridor” (as the weathermen call it)…… The original storms formed less than 15 miles East of the OKC area and ravaged not only Oklahoma, but cut a path of destruction throughout the South all the way to the Atlantic…. One of the worst tornado outbreaks with severe loss of life and property in history……

In OKC, we didn’t see a drop, and haven’t in months….. We did, however, receive 67 mph winds from the backside of the Low Pressure area…. Luckily, I guess, most everything here had already burnt, and no one threw a match to what little dead grass and trees we have remaining…. We are still under “Extreme High Fire Danger” throughout the week with little or no chances of rain, and predicted winds in the 20 – 40 mph range….. Oh, yeah, we’ve been having numerous days in the ’90’s – more than 20 degrees above normal for this time of year, and, it’s only April…..

April is supposed to be our wettest month, so far, along with most of the western half of the state, we have had zip, nadda, none, zero……. If it’s this bad in April, I don’t even want to think about when July/August gets here….. Any remaining blades of grass will be placed in a museum and well guarded…..

Please send rain, or “Rain Makers”, or “Rain Dancers”Yeah, send us some of your American Indians who know how to execute a proper “Rain Dance” – Apparently our Oklahoma Indians have forgotten, or are too busy in the Casinos to give it a try….. We’re “DESPERATE”!….. Soon there will be signs on half the state’s borders – “Welcome to the Oklahoma Desert”Enjoy your stay Bring you own water!……

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