Some Guitar Players……

Anon wanted me to Post this……. Click Some Guitar Players and take a look….. It’s pretty amazing to watch….. The Guitars are bigger than the Players!….. I guess they don’t make kid-sized guitars in North Korea….. It makes an old guitar player want to retire immediately, but, then again, if you’re that good, at that young of an age, what have you got to look forward to?????……

3 Responses to “Some Guitar Players……”

  1. That was TOO COOL. That young and playing with fingers no pics Classical style. Amazing.

  2. And too cute. Would like to have them all and start my own Van Trap family.

  3. I can just see that – “Now, presenting Live On Stage – The Baron Von Anon Troop”….. Let me know when tickets are available…… For a contrast, you will have to play a 3/4 size guitar – The Giant with the baby guitar in the background…… It’ll be a Smash Hit!……

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