“Should five per cent appear too small / Be thankful I don’t take it all – I’m the Taxman, Yeah, Yeah, I’m the Taxman”……. (George Harrison)……

Today’s the day to give it all away….. Back to the big spenders in Washington…..  Have a Nice Day….eh?…..

7 Responses to ““TAXMAN”…….”

  1. Off topic But on topic, Kind of around the far edges of the topic.(sorry)
    Anyone else think that a Flat Tax is a good Idea? Eliminate Income, Excise, inheritance Etc, all taxes Fed and state. Replace it with a 10% sales tax on goods and services. Your thoughts please.

  2. I’ve been preachin’ flat tax forever, Mr. J….. Income Tax is nothing more than double taxation….. It requires you to pay tax on your money when you make it, and, sales tax, etc. make sure you pay tax on it again when you spend it……

    You fought a war a long, long time ago against that…… I guess everyone has long, long forgotten it……

  3. Nope! The figures I’ve seen don’t work out for us peons. ( the devil is in the details)

  4. It’s always in the details!….. That’s why there’s thousands and thousands of tax codes for the IRS…… The IRS is unconstitutional in the first place…. It was not voted in by the public….. It was passed by Congress, along with a bunch of other so-called ,”Temporary Measures”, intended to overcome the Great Depression…… Of course, those TM’s never went away….. They were too useful to the Rich and Powerful…… Most people don’t realize that there was no such thing as Income Tax until the early 1930’s….. Goes back to my preaching that if you want to understand what’s going on now in our government, you have to intimately study and know the past to see how we got to where we are now….. It is not a pretty picture……

  5. How is the IRS unconstitutional? There are plenty of things the public didn’t vote for. (Bill of Rights anyone?) We vote by representation.

    Also, income tax came via the 16th amendment in 1913, not in the 1930’s. What history have you been intimate studying?

  6. If I’m wrong, I’ll admit it…… Let me check out what you’re saying, Jek….. I may have mixed up the IRS with the Federal Reserve stuff, anyway, It points out to me that I need to research and refresh my own thoughts on some topics before I post them…..

    I am happy, though, that at least one person was interested enough to check into what’s going on instead of just reading and accepting it…..

    I still don’t care for the IRS, and, I think they are way overextended into our society, not only for the taxes they collect, but, for the staggering amount of personal information they gather while they are doing it……

  7. I’m all for a simpler tax code, but I have heard that a 15% flat tax just won’t get the job done. Also I heard that way back in the civil war there was an income tax on the rich to pay for the war. It was not called an income tax. Sorry I forgot what it was called. Any way 60,000 plus page tax code is just ridiculous. Needs to be simplified seems to me that everyone thinks that they are being ripped off by the IRS. The middle class think that the rich are all using tax dodges to get out of paying their fair share. The rich think they are paying for everything. The poor think the government is hording all the money. The government says it’s going broke trying to pay for everything. With a simpler tax code the everyday person would be able to read and understand the money questions and we could then make informed decisions on who and what to vote for and maybe we could all see that we all have valid points and invalid misunderstandings about the tax code. So I say, just keep it simple when it comes to the tax code.

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