Where have all the flowers gone?

Hey everyone, (Those that are left) Where has everyone disappeared to? Now I feel that I have a pretty good excuse. My computer time is limited and I am on the road more than at home (329 days out last year) and cannot post very often.
But the rest of everybody, Whats up? Other than MR, Robo, And myself and occasionally Anon It seems that everyone else has abandoned our little community.
I know the same old excuses, It’s spring/summertime people don’t spend much time inside, ect. Well don’t you check your e-mail daily? Have we become boring?
Doesn’t anyone else have anything to say anymore?
As I have stated previously I believe in this Blog and feel it is a vital forum to all. No matter what your views are this is a place where we all can have a discussion about any topic that anybody wants to without fear of retribution. While we might not all agree on all topics/Points of view we can all agree to differ.
So in short, Where in the hell is everyone?!!!! I don’t want MR to dissolve this forum because of Lack of participation we have had a lot of fun here over the years, learned some things, and I feel kept the American dream alive thru freedom of speech.
Of course since everyone has abandoned us it seems I guess I am just talking to 3 people. (Preaching to the choir somewhat).

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  1. J.J.,

    In my case the lack of posts is due to my inability to run this stupid machine, a machine which may end civilization as we know it. (I don’t own a cell phone as Jek can tell you) At times I think we should smash our machines and go fishing.

    I’m losing the thread here.

    By now everyone must know I’m to the left of center and after last weeks wash my underwear is a deep shade of pink. I dont feel it’s necessary to burden you with my pinko beliefs any longer. But…… I do read things of interest to all and dont know how to post them on MR Central. That is, science articles, links, and that kind of stuff. So, if Jek or MR could help me out, you might hear more.

    I did neglect to fill everyone in on how the Cheeto research ended, not that anyone asked. The following spring the Cheeto was missing from the end of the string. I figured it must have finally rotted off. A researcher must always be cautious of his own bias. I found the Cheeto on the ground black and broken in half by the wind but not rotted.

    Heads up……….the new Doctor Who movie is out. First one to see it should give us a report.

  2. My hiatus was part of a general dropping out of society. Or at least the Internet. Well, maybe just blogs. All blogs, not just this one.

    But my days of being an e-hermit have come to an end. I’m back.

    My condolences.

  3. MR,

    Are you editing this blog or what? I’m so bare assed. That should have read “shade” not “shape” and “hear” not “here”. You’ll have to do the driving again. I’m still functioning on one eye and typing with one finger. Have you been to Snoqualmie Falls yet?

  4. #4 by huskysooner

    Present and accounted for.

  5. Here too, Magoo.

  6. Sorry I forgot to tell you, Anon, but, PD Bob is the one who ripped your Cheeto off the string – He tried to eat it, but, barfed instead….. So-o-o, half of what you found was blackened Cheeto – the other half was petrified PD Barf!….. Anon, make your Posts and I’ll check ’em for correctness…. If you want to add a link or a pic – send it to me by e-mail and I will add it to your Post, if that will help you…… I’ve missed your (and everyone’s) input……

    I kinda figured most of our group still checked the blog from time-to-time, and, I understand, by my own experience, that sometimes it’s just hard to come up with a good Post or snappy comment…… It is good to see everyone checkin’ in, though……

    I am through with making any more political Posts for a while….. I’ll vote my convictions and hope for the best, besides, I just get too worked-up when I’m composing them….. Of course, this doesn’t mean that I’m banning Political Posts from the Blog….. Any and all Posts are welcome, and will receive the proper dissection by the MR Community…..

  7. I’m here too. I figured we ran everyone off with the vote now or die posts and comments. Thanks J. for bringing us back from the political front.

  8. MR,

    Been trying to think of road trips. Have you been to Snoqualmie Falls??

  9. I’ve been lurking — I’m just very busy. I have two boys, ages one and three (http://wellshub.com), a very busy job (http://theplatform.com/about/career_details/solutions_architect1/), an open source project (http://trackyourtests.com), and I’ve been doing family history research with a notion towards turning the results into a book or two.

    So no offense to anyone! I’ll continue to lurk and leer at the posts and sometimes drop in for a comment. I hope life is treating everyone well!

  10. Anon, is that the one off of I-90, East of Seattle, with the huge section of a super big tree on it’s side on display, and you can walk to a landing that is directly facing the falls?….. If that’s the one, Yep, but, it was on one of my first visits…… That was around ’95 or so….. Man!…. It’s been 16 years…. The Universe is speeding up time passage somehow!….. That’s devious, and we need to start a petition to make the Universe abide by it’s laws and mark time (i.e. keep ticking but not passing) for a few centuries to allow us to do and see all we want to without worrying about running out of time….

    Well, sorry, got to run, out of time……

  11. MR,

    Yep. That’s the one. We’ve been east, west, north, and south. Time to throw darts at a map.

  12. Anon, we’ll throw darts at 10 paces, and, if that doesn’t give us an acceptable new destination, we’ll cut-up a map into small pieces and draw from the hat…… It’s going to be a while before I can make it back to the NW anyhow…… I wish I were there now – It’s supposed to be in the low to mid 90’s (degrees) Friday and Saturday with no rain in sight….. We had wildfires less than 2 miles from MR HQ yesterday….. We are in a severe drought with no sign of a let-up…. It’s just Sun, High Winds, and Low-low Humidity…… In the last 10 months we have had less than 7 inches of moisture…..

    Good to hear from you, TTop….. With all you have going on, I’m amazed you have time to sneeze without getting behind….. I’ve been considering the same thing on researching my families’ history…… My parents left me boxes of resources in the form of pictures, 8mm movies, letters, etc…… That should give me a starting point……

  13. MR, if you’re interested in starting to dig into that stuff, I recommend a book called “Unpuzzling Your Past” by Croom. You can find it on Amazon, of course.

  14. Thanks, TTop, I’ll check it out….. Sounds interesting…..

  15. Hi Everyone, I am glad to see that most of our little community has responded to the wake up call. I sometime like the political discussions. But I like the input that we all have on whatever we are discussing. It just seemed that everyone dropped out, glad to have all of you back. Now onward.

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