It’s People’s Day……

Yep, we’re the FOOLS that elected the current “Tidy Bowl” administration (they’re taking us straight down the drain!)…… Of course, that’s if you voted at all….. Those who voted for the current administration, we’ll call a “Type I Fool”….. If you voted against the CA, then you have the right to pull “April Fool’s” pranks on anybody you choose……. If you DIDN’T VOTE, then you are a “Type II Fool” Dangerous, not only to your Country and yourself, but, probably the major cause for the sewer situation our Country is now in……

VOTE, YOU FOOLS!…… …….Maybe, and I say just “MAYBE” we can get our Country back on track…..

(Yes, this is just “My Opinion” and that usually amounts to squat!)…..

3 Responses to “It’s People’s Day……”

  1. Yes it is your opinion, and it means a lot to yourself and to others(My self included) Otherwise we would not be following this forum. Do we have to follow it? No. I refer back to the discussion that myself and Robo were having a few weeks ago.

  2. #2 by huskysooner

    Have you guys seen the Southpark “Vote or Die” bit?
    Disclaimer: Not for the overly sensitive.

  3. That’s great, HS!……. Where do I sign up?….. Yeah, it’s a bit over the edge, but, I think voting fits into the old saying of, “Use It or Lose It”….. At the rate we are going, with people being elected to office only because their friends are voting, we WILL lose the right to vote, or, it won’t matter anymore because there will be nothing left of the U.S. of A. worth voting for…… “VOTE OR DIE” (Literally or Figuratively – The result would be the same no matter which path led us there)……

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