Snowtastrophy 2011

Just a few pics of the aftermath.

3 Responses to “Snowtastrophy 2011”

  1. You’re lucky if you can get outside to take pics, although, after looking at yours more closely, it looks as if they were taken from inside looking out…. I’m planning on attempting a break-out after the snow against my South door melts a tad more…..

  2. Time to get out of town. Saddle up PBD and ride.

  3. You are Right MR (well I know you believe in goldwater but I don’t know bout right.[Bro. Dave]) I managed to get the door open enough to stick the camera out and snap some. {UPDATE} I just got back from digging the JOJO Mobile out and traversing the block. Managed to get the sedan out earlier and made it to 7-11 for coffee and smokes.

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