It’s PD Bob’s Day!……

PD Bob claims that “Ground Hog” is just another name for a “Prairie Dog” and he’s not happy…… Seems like that’s a derogatory insult to a Prairie Dog and he wants to start a campaign to get the day renamed to “Prairie Dog Day”…..

He’s also planning a big party for all the local PD’s….. The problem is MR Headquarters is “Snowed In”, literally, we got over a foot of snow with 50 mph winds causing 5-8 foot drifts….. The door to MR HQ cannot be opened due to a huge snowdrift – No one in – No one out….. PDB’s going stir crazy on me and is trying to burrow his way out the back wall as I write….. So far, he hasn’t even put a dent in the wall, not alone the snow that’s packed up against it…… Moral to this story – Never get snowbound with a crazed Prairie Dog…..

I am digging out “Groundhog Day”, the video, to watch, brewing up some coffee, and praying for quick rescue from this snowbound hell, even though it is only about 3 degrees outside with a wind chill of -16……

Alas, “Happy Groundhog Day”….. “Happy Groundhog Day”….. “Happy Groundhog Day”….. “Happy Groundhog Day”….. “Happy Groundhog Day”….. “Happy Groundhog Day”…..

4 Responses to “It’s PD Bob’s Day!……”

  1. While if PDB can’t get out I guess he didn’t see his shadow.

  2. Oh yeah?….. He has a bright LED desk lamp shining on him right now….. He’s not gonna let us get away without six more weeks of Winter….. Stop grinning, PDB!…….

  3. You tell that little furry butted sob that I will come over there and place my boot in his backside unless he turns out that light. Phil did not see his shadow in PA this morning and that is it. I need to believe that, hope is the only thing that keeps me going even if it is based on a old fable. People like me who grasp at straws will take it where ever we can get it!

  4. J.J., you’ll have to track him down – Even though it’s about 7 degrees outside, the sun has managed to melt the snow away from the South door at MR HQ to the point I was able to force it open about 2 inches…… Before I could stop PDB, he squeezed through the hole and was outside hopping up and down, pointing at his shadow and laughing….. He then disappeared over a snowbank and was gone, whistling all the way….

    PD Bob claims that Poxy Phil is a big con, and he was kicked out of the Great Plains area….. What would an upstanding Prairie Dog be doing in PA anyway?….. PDB said that even if he wasn’t lying, Phil’s prediction was for those back East Yo-Yo’s, not here, where it matters….. So-o-o, it may be early Spring back East, but, here in the Plains, more snow and cold for SIX WEEKS….. PDB has spoken!….. He also said something about seeing me in about eight weeks…… Going to Florida, waiting out the Winter and giving J.J. two extra weeks to cool down…..

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