Great White North – OK Division….

Yup – Oklahoma is the new Great White North (at least to Texas)…… Over the past week, we have had record breaking snow and more is predicted for the coming week….. Oklahoma is known for it’s quick changing weather, and we’ve been getting it….. Last Saturday, January 29, we set a new high – 76 degrees – in less than 3 days (February 1), we set a new low – minus 3 degrees and had a record breaking one day snowfall total in the form of a blizzard (winds were in excess of 50 mph)…..

In all the time of recorded weather, we have had only three (3) days in which more than ten (10) inches of snow fell in a single day – one of those were way back when (’20’s or ’30’s), the last two in the span of 13 months, the Christmas Eve Blizzard of 2009 (14.1 inches) and last week’s blizzard on February 1, 2011 (12.1 inches)….. They are predicting the storm that is coming in this week to be stronger than the one we just had, and, the snow has still not melted from it yet…..

So-o-o-o, send your snow shovels, sled dogs, and warm clothing, and pray to the Electric God to keep the power on…… Of course, we’ll be able to send all the stuff back to you in a few weeks, or even days, as it will probably be A/C weather by then……

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  1. Great White North, ha have you looked at the snow that is out there try the Great Gray OK.

  2. Yep, It’s dirty snow now, but, by tomorrow it should be all white again – About 12 inches or more, so they say, we’ll see…… Maybe there’s another record breaker in the making…… Just what we need…… Yeah…..

  3. Well, it’s a little after 8:00 am, and it’s still snowing, but, the main thrust of this one didn’t push far enough South to really sock us like last week….. It looks like it’s going to be in the 6-7 inch range here in the OKC metro…. Northern Oklahoma did get hammered with 12-15 inches……

    Oh, Yeah, it is COLD!!!…. It’s 5 degrees right now and the wind is blowing, so the powdery snow is blowing everywhere and drifting some….. It just didn’t turn out to be the “Doom and Gloom” situation that they were predicting as late as 10 pm last night……

    Of course, being Oklahoma, it’s supposed to be in the ’50’s by Saturday, and, get this, the ’70’s by this time next week…. Only in Oklahoma…..

  4. The 7 day forecast includes a -2 and a 70 degree prediction only in Oklahoma can it be cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey and in the same week hot enough to cook an egg on a side walk.

  5. You can say what you want about the existence of “Global Warming” (I think it should be called “Global Climatic Change”)….. I, for one, think it is here, and here to stay……

    We just broke the all-time low record for OKC this morning….. It is -5 degrees, YES, that’s Five (5) BELOW Zero….. The old record was Four (4) Above Zero set in 1899….. That’s NINE (9) degrees lower!…..

    The northern part of Oklahoma was at -27 degrees, YES MINUS 27, in places, and they had 25 inches of snowfall yesterday compared to our measly 6 inches here in the OKC metro area……

    I saw on the weather that Northern Arkansas had more snow yesterday than they usually get in a SIX (6) year period…..

    “The Times They Are A’Changin'” (Robert Zimmerman (B. Dylan))

  6. I thought I was making a joke when I said we would probably need the A/C in a few days….. HA!….. The high today is predicted to be 69 degrees – Mid to High ’70’s in the next day or so with clear skies….. Since my Apt. faces the South, and the Winter Sun is still low in the sky, it heats up inside well into the ’80’s or more – Yes, A/C weather, and, with the high winds that are supposed to come with the high temps, Wildfires, as we are also in a severe drought, with less than 6 inches of measurable moisture since last July….. The “Dust Bowl” is back!…..

    Here’s the real clincher – In the North part of Oklahoma, we set an all-time low for the State of -31 degrees, that was last Wednesday night, by tomorrow, Monday (five days), the same location will be in the mid ’70’s…. That’s a temperature change of over 100 degrees in 5 days!!!!….. You may call it Oklahoma, but, I’m calling it “Global Climatic Change” on a large scale…..

  7. last Thursday we set record lows….. The forecast for this Thursday calls for record highs. The only thing consistent about the weather is it’s record breaking. Record snow, record drought, record highs, record lows – What’s next – Record Records???

  8. Don’t get too used to the HOT weather, Robo, there seems to be more Arctic Cold/Snow/Sleet/Freezing Rain/Drought, etc., etc. in the near future, and that Fuzz-Butt PD Bob is nowhere to be found……

    There was a message, in a disguised voice (squeaky Jamaican), saying something about, “Another Rum – Double Please!”….. It was hard to hear with all the Regge music going on in the the background….

  9. That little fuzzball or one of his cousins has a gig with Nascar, as digger you need to watch some Nascar and see what he’s got him self into now. I wouldn’t run a yellow line camera.

  10. I’ll finish this out with some more records…… Yesterday (17Feb11), OKC broke another High Temp record with 80 degrees (normal is 56 degrees)….. Nowata, Oklahoma (N.E. Part of Oklahoma) came in at 79 degrees, setting the all time One (1) week temp difference….. They were at minus -31 degrees last Thursday – That’s a 110 degree difference!!!!!

    As for PDB, I received an orange with “Daytona” stamped on it, and a note to be sure and watch him Sunday on TV in his Digger disguise….. Watch at your own risk……

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