It’s Jimi’s Birthday…..

….As I’m a little late in the day Posting this, listen to some Hendrix tonight, or tomorrow for sure……  They’re having a Hendrix Birthday Party at the Seattle Hard Rock Cafe tonight, and another one at another big club tomorrow night…..  Didn’t make it to the Hard Rock, but, am considering making the one tomorrow night….  As we didn’t check in advance, we figured The Hard Rock would be way past packed…..

If 6 were 9, you’d Hear My Train a Comin’ round the Red House located All Along The Watchtower guarded by a Foxey Lady and a VooDoo Child shrouded in a Purple Haze…..

If I don’t see you in this world……..

7 Responses to “It’s Jimi’s Birthday…..”

  1. A Happy 68th to the greatest Guitar player that ever bent an e string.

  2. I was going to write, “Guitar = Jimi Hendrix”, but then you would have all the country, and, bluegrass, and, maybe even the jazz guitar players bitchin’, along with who knows who….. It’s Hell livin’ in a politically correct society of BOZOs!……

  3. I’m complaining because Hendrix played a bit of Piano; so how can ‘Guitar == Jimi Hendrix’?

    I don’t get your comment anyway: why would all those others complain that Hendrix is associated with a guitar?

    -confused keyboardist

  4. Let me spell it out, actually just read the following ve-r-r-y slowly: My “Guitar = Jimi Hendrix” is short for, “The definition of Guitar Playing is Jimi Hendrix”….. Since Jimi, in his short career, didn’t delve into all genres of Guitar playing, you would have those individuals in Nashville (C&W), Kentucky (Bluegrass), and other places and modes of playing who would contest this statement – Jek!…. Is that politically correct enough for you?………..

  5. I happen to like his vocals! Greatness is often cut short. Happy birthday Mr. Hendrix. Hears to a VooDoo Child in a Watch Tower making Purple Haze. That is to say Jimi in a bar making music.

  6. He also played a bit of bass.

  7. I think his vocals were great too, but, the story goes that he hated the sound of his voice and would turn away from everyone or clear the studio when he recorded vocal tracks…… I also have a picture of him sitting behind a drum kit…… I think he could play just about any instrument he wanted to…..

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