The Red “Power” Tie……

Just how low can our IQ’s go?….. Saw this one on the news a couple of weeks back…… Men who want to attract women need to wear “Red”…. Apparently, the color Red strikes a woman’s fancy, as opposed to the normal subdued browns and blacks worn by males….. I guess it has the opposite effect on women as it does on Bulls…. A “REVELATION”! – Maybe it does effect Bulls the same way – They just want to get close and intimate with the Bullfighter!….. That’s what you call “Rough Foreplay”Ouch!…..

I dismissed this UNTIL I started noticing an abnormal amount of POLITICIANS on TV wearing, you guessed it, RED TIES….. Known as the “Red Power Tie”….. The person I’ve seen most often wearing the glaring Red stripe is none other than Mr. Obama….. Those Politicians don’t miss a trick…… I wonder if they have palm readers and soothsayers on the payrolls too?….. PLEASE, PLEASE, vote these career self-servers OUT of office…..

6 Responses to “The Red “Power” Tie……”

  1. Ever notice……….Red ties……..White shirts……….Blue suits.

    Get it? Symbolism.

  2. So what’s the color of greed and where is it. How about the color of prejudice. Green no matter where you go if you don’t have the green you’re a second class citizen. I leave it up to you to figure out where they have there green and whether or not It attracts people of the opposite sex better then red. Thank about a red Geo vs. any color Lamborghini. Power tie ha just give me a wad of money.

  3. Anon, I’m sorry, I can’t go along with the “Patriotic Politician”….. Mr. Obummer has been in a brown suit every time I’ve seen him on the tube….. Maybe he only has one, I don’t know….. He always wears a white shirt, though, and, usually the “Red Power” tie, although, I have seen him wear a dark grey tie on occasion (Mosque Victory speech)….. Seeing an elected official in a Blue blazer, White Shirt, and Red tie would make me think I’m either at a car dealership or the Hilton Inn…..

    Yeah, you HAVE to have the “Green” to go along with the Red if you’re going to be a big hit with the ladies…..

  4. Of course they have other color outfits. But every politician has the required red, white, and blue hanging in the closet…..for those really important occasions.

  5. I did a quick online search and found references to studies showing that women wearing or surrounded by red are more attractive to men than the same women without red. But I did not see the opposite study results. Most of the stuff I found was from 2008. Maybe this is a new study?

    Where’s purple? Shouldn’t he be in there somewhere?

  6. I think it was a recently completed study…. I don’t remember if that info was in the newscast…..

    Although Purple has been considered a “Royal” color throughout history, it wasn’t mentioned in the study….. I guess “Plum Crazy” and “Goofy Grape” are only good for attracting flies….. Oh, well…..

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