Faith Restored – Somewhat….

We had a runoff election yesterday between two Republican candidates…. Candidate #1, a Mr. Calvey, had been in the political circus for 14 years, elected 6 times, and expected to win the primary election a few weeks back with no problem….. ProblemCandidate #2, a Mr. Langsford, had never run for any political office before, but, he managed to get enough votes to force the runoff election held yesterday…..

Shortly after the Primaries, Mr. Calvey, who was definitely peeved over the situation, went ballistic and started a series of mud slinging you would not believe, including fake polling calls that berated Mr. Langsford (Of course, he denied having anything to do with it), and an extensive TV commercial barrage of how he was much more qualified, etc…..

His biggest mistake was agreeing to a televised debate….. It was something to see – It was the Bully against the Nice Guy….. Calvey kept getting louder and more boisterous, making all kinds of accusations against Langsford as to his qualifications for the seat, including some remarks about his mother and family….. Mr. Langsford kept his cool, and, in a calm voice, more than proved his qualifications and his ability to deal with loudmouths…..

Well, I’m happy to say, Langsford prevailed with a 65% to 35% win! Restored my faith in Oklahoma voters, and, maybe, just maybe, voters nationwide will take the time to research the candidates they vote for and we can save this nation from itself….. What a concept!…..

2 Responses to “Faith Restored – Somewhat….”

  1. I watched part of that debate. Bully attacks nice guy, nice guy sits there thinking. Bully sensing weakness attacks again nice guy still thinking. Bully declares that nice guy attacked first 4 months ago nice guy says “I registered to be on the ballot 3 months ago and before that I didn’t even know you”. Commentator trying to calm down bully. Calm restored. Commentator brings up forced poll calls (illegal in Oklahoma) these calls are against the nice guy. The bully instantly clams he’s not doing it and insinuates that it’s his opponent. Nice guy says everyone knows I’m not doing it. Commentator trying to calm down bully again. Tuesday night the losing bully was calm when he conceded the election. He lost 35% to 65%. I guess no one likes a bully and 35% of the voters didn’t watch the debate.

  2. Yeah, it was great to see a bully self-serving politician bite the dust…. I am very peeved over the John McClain crap he pulled…… Spending 20 Million dollars to bury his run-off opponent….. That is ridiculous!…. Image what good that 20 million could have went for in education and needed projects in his own state!…. What a power hungry Jerk!….. I thought we had limits on campaign spending?…. NO ONE should be allowed to spend that kind of money on an election, especially a run-off election…. It just goes to show you they are so far out of touch with the population and have no concept what it is to work for a living and survive on a paycheck to paycheck basis…..

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