Friday the 13th!…..

Today’s THAT day to run and hide, get out those good luck charms – STAY AT HOME…… Yeah, Friday the 13th does have a lot of history behind it, mostly based on religious events of evil and deviltry, hence the supposed Bad Luck associated with it…… Since my Luck usually runs backwards, I’ve had a fairly decent day so far – Did some mechanic work without hitting myself in the head with the socket wrench – Practiced my Guitar without breaking any strings or fingers – And, I plan to attend a Birthday party tonight at a local Pub (Uh-Ho, that could turn badNa-ah!)…..

PD Bob, on the other hand, has fifteen (15) Rabbit Foots (or is it Feets) around his neck, along with Garlic Cloves, and is hiding in the most secure part of MR Central watching all the Friday the 13th movies….. He’s begging for refills on popcorn and coke as I Post this since he is too scared to get them himself…… That did it – He’s cussing me in Prairie Dog-ese now….. Gotta go – He’s throwing the “Feets” at me…..

6 Responses to “Friday the 13th!…..”

  1. …..Maybe I was wrong about worrying about the party….. I almost busted a gut laughing!…… Here’s a pic of the Birthday Boy:
    Yep!…. This is Danny “Blu” Abernathy, a friend of mine since the early seventies when we shared a practice studio between our two bands….. He was (is) a great frontman and vocalist, AND, a clown….. We nicknamed him “Blu Jagger” because of his constant stage antics….

    He brought the glasses and wore them….. They have flashing LED’s and I couldn’t hold the chuckles in….. 2009? – I don’t know – I guess he got them on New Year’s of ’09, or, maybe at Valu-Valage (Value Village) or some other bargain bin…. I’m still laughin’…. PDB’s crying over the whole thing because he was too scared to get out on Friday the 13th, but, he’s trying to talk Blu out of the glasses….

  2. That’s enough to scare away the Mormons.

  3. I’m considering making a full-sized cut-out of it and placing it on my front door (minus the lettering)….. Should keep away, not only the Mormons, but the Jehovah Witnesses, Hostile Taliban’s, and maybe even errant door-to-door salesmen….. Oh, excuse me, that’s not politically correct – It’s salespersons – The IQ’s are definitely on the decline in “Today’s World”….. Does “reaching the bottom of the barrel” strike a familiar chord?……

  4. The IQ is a constant but the population is increasing. Are is it that the stupidity of a group is multiplied but the intelligence is only added.

  5. Was Blu having a good time? He looks pretty serious in the pic.

  6. He had a great time….. Every time I pointed the camera at him he would take a pose like a deer caught in a hunter’s headlights….. Here’s one that caught him off guard and in his natural state…..

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