Religious Recruiting?…..

I don’t watch much TV, usually just catch the news and weather early in the morning…… Just before the primaries a few weeks ago, I noticed these commercials popping up in groups of two during the broadcast….. They start off with a person introducing themselves – I’m so-and-so and I’m an housewife, sculptor, ex-druggie, etc….. I’ve seen about 12 different ones…. The 30 second commercial continues with I do this/that – basically I’m normal person looking for the same things everyone else is looking for in life…. The spot ends with, “I’m so-and-so and I’m a Mormon”….. Then a medium font scrolls across the screen with their name and the web address –…..

Are the Mormons recruiting or just trying to convince people that their religion is made up of normal, everyday, God fearing people and are not to be confused with, say like, Muslims?….. I mean, they both start with an “M” – Do they think people would confuse the two and take them for the radical one, although, the Mormons have some radical ideas, just not as violent…. I have to admit I don’t know that much about either and God told me to stay out of it…. He said I would not be an asset to either one….. I’m still thinking on that one (Will I be smoking a Turd in Hell? (Robin Williams))…. Any Comments or Commandments?

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  1. Strange!

    Not connected with anything political?

    Not asking to join up?

    Do you have a large Mormon church in OK?

    What does PDB say?

    Is it a lead for something to come?

  2. No reference to politics, and, the church is not even mentioned until the last line, “I’m so-and-so and I’m a Mormon”….. I really don’t know how many Mormons we have in the OKC area, but, I don’t think there’s very many….. We have large Black, Mexican, and Vietnamese populations…. I don’t think any of them are practicing Mormons…. I think you are right about this being a lead in for something to come….

    PDB has finally got his Roman nose out of Rome, and is beating feet back here to investigate….. I told me to sober up and not to even think about bringing the twenty cases of vino he bought back with him…..

  3. The Mormons are coming, the mormons are coming to take you away ho ho ha ha.

  4. I will treat them just as I treat all uninvited/unwanted guests – Hello – Goodbye – If that doesn’t work, then a swift kick in their .org …..

  5. A swift kick in their .org won’t work. They have that removed just after they remove Independent thought, or is that the other Cults I’m thinking of? Wait! – Mormons are the ones with multiple wives. They must not remove their .org – Maybe a swift kick would work after all.

  6. If the boot to the Dot (.) org doesn’t work, I’ll give them a short ride and drop them off at the neighborhood Order of Jehovah Witnesses…. That should prove interesting to say the least…..

  7. It’s not just the Mormons I heard one for the gays. They want the kids to stop saying that’s so gay because it’s hurtful. give that a kick to the dot and to the org. How about that’s so Mormon.

  8. Just heard a news story about this Mormon ad campaign. The news claims that it’s not political just the church of latter day saints saying that they are normal. Brings up the question what’s normal. I’m normal so everyone else is abnormal.

  9. I told you that would be the line of subterfuge they would put out…… Now, I’m really wondering what they’re up to?????….. Just what is their definition of “Normal”?…… Probably doesn’t match Webster’s….….

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