Where’d the Money Go?…..

Senators McClain (Arizona) and Coburn (Oklahoma) claim that Two (2) Billion dollars of the stimulus money has, or will be spent, for over One Hundred (100) useless and unnecessary projects….. The administration rebutted by stating that some of these projects were already on the books, and, anyway, the amount is only a small faction of 1% of the total stimulus package….. WELL, if that’s the way they look at it, and it’s such a SMALL AMOUNT, why don’t they give ME the Two (2) Billion….. I think I, my family, friends, relatives, and even neighbors and strangers I meet on the street could live the good life right on out to the end, which probably won’t be too long the way things are going…..

Here’s a couple of the projects: $70,000 to study the effect of cocaine on Monkeys (Yeah, I doubt the Monkeys will see much of the coke)….. $500,000 to replace the windows in the Mount St. Helens Visitor Center….. The only problem is that the Center has been closed for some time and is scheduled to remain closed for an indefinite amount of time….. Anyone know when they closed it?…. I think it was 2003 the last time I visited the Volcano and it was open then…. Got lots of cool pictures from in and around the Center….. If they’re not going to re-open it, why replace the windows?….. Augh!!!….

Just remember, your Government is working for you, just ask Big Business, and, Why don’t you grab up some of that beautiful, well oiled Beach front property for sell on the Gulf Coast…..

3 Responses to “Where’d the Money Go?…..”

  1. It went the same place the pot went “Up in Smoke”.

  2. Yep, Cheech y Chong could make it disappear, that’s for sure, but, you could also use the “smoke” reference, as in “Smoke and Mirrors” – a magician’s (and Spies) term for making things disappear before your very eyes….. Our Government is made up of really, really good magicians…..

  3. Well at least we’re not in Russia. Wild Peat moss fires? Not even going to talk about Russian Okie political comparisons.

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