Fire and Rain……

OK, what’s going on up there in the Great Northwest…… eh?….. I just saw on the news that you’ve got eight (8) separate wildfires going along with enough rain to cause mudslides afterwards….. I guess you can have your home burned down and mud slid away in the same day…… Not Good!…..

If you North by Northwesterners expect me to move up there (or even visit), you’ve got to do something about this!….. Pray to the Fire and Rain GodSomething!Anything!…… I mean I’m getting broiled and baked like a potato here in Oklahoma right now and our weather over the last six (6) months has rated a 9.5 on the Weird Weather-O-Meter…..

So-o-o, PLEASE correct this ASAP or I’ll just have to go the other way – Move to New Orleans and play in the giant oil slick…..

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  1. From the Greater Northwest: The fires you are hearing about are in Eastern WA. which is another part of the world, on the other side of the Cascade Mts, where it’s hot, deserty, to the right, and maybe in different galactic time zone. Fires also up in B.C. Last night the sun was a big orange ball.

  2. That’s the part they left out – Typical News reporting of the times we live in – They’ve forgot the basic 4 W’s of reporting – Who, What, When, and Where….. If they get over the mountains – Put ’em out FAST!….. OK?……. ….And, PLEASE keep them out of my Galactic Time Zone….. Thank You…..

    Did the Sun take a sleepover in BC last night?….. Maybe it’s worse than we think……eh?…..

    I guess I’ll forget the New Orleans Oil Slick for now, but, I’m keeping it in reserve just in case….. See Ya this Fall, Fire Suit in hand……

  3. Not that we dont get big fires on this side of the mountains…Big Fires.

  4. It’s so hot in Oklahoma, If the BP spill was here it would just spontaneously combust, and then BP could pollute the entire atmosphere instead of just the Gulf. Might even set new high temp records. Does crude burn hotter then the sun? Must be why Okies go noodling – To cool off and lose weight all at the same time. Not a diet I would recommend, though, losing 30 pounds in about 3 seconds and becoming left handed all at the same time.

  5. In my case, Robo, I would be right-handed since I’m a lefty now…..

    You need to do something about fires (especially BIG fires), on the West side of the mountains, Anon….. Wait a Minute…. Do you know of any houseboats for sale?….. That way everything could Burn, Baby, Burn, and I could just putter out to the middle of the lake, fire-up the A/C, and compose a blues song for you poor suckers on land….. Whatta Ya think….. eh?

  6. House boats start at 1.5

  7. The noodlers In Oklahoma have house boats that start at 10.00.
    Well if you count a old truck with a camper that rolled into the river and is only knee deep then they start at zero.

  8. If houseboats start at 1.5, how much is a canoe with a couple of paddles, a $100 grand or so?….. Do they have restrictions on the condition and age of the houseboats?…… Think we could sneak an Oklahoma houseboat like Robo described in there?……

  9. Actually you can get a house boat for less than 1.5, but not a whole lot less. One of those things where “if you have to ask the price”. Little irony there. In the olden days the house boat community in Seattle was considered the slums.

    On one of our road trips I was trying to find my way back to some house boats on the lower Skagit River, which I never found. Remember? A lot better deal, but you have to deal with floods. Maybe they washed away in the big flood and that’s why I couldn’t find them.

    Old trucks by the river? We got those.

  10. The fees for docking a houseboat are probably on par with the cost of one of them – Sky High!….. Having one on a river might be cheaper, but, I don’t like the flood danger – sorta like the fire danger I was trying to avoid in the first place….. Six one way and a Half Dozen the other….

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