vote, voTE, VOTE!!!…

Next Tuesday (27JUL10), in Oklahoma, we are having a major election of local and state offices, including primaries for Governor and Congressional seats in D.C. (the ultimate playboy place for any politician)…..  I assume most or all of the other states of this U. S. of A. are conducting the same….

I’m not here to tell you who to vote for, but, I strongly urge you to peruse the candidates closely, and, vote your convictions….. The state our country is in at the present time needs some revision (at the minimum), or a complete overhaul (at the max)….. I’m leaning toward the complete overhaul, but, that’s just me…..


S-o-o-o, MR Community-ites – Get to those Polls and do your duty and VOTE!…. (The preceding has been a public awareness message, or, a command from your Fearless Leader – your choice – Thank you…..)

4 Responses to “vote, voTE, VOTE!!!…”

  1. If you vote for the status quo you get the status quo. If you don’t like the status quo vote for someone new maybe you will get something new. I say reelect no one at least we’ll get someone new.
    I’m Robo and I endorsed this message.

  2. I guess this was an Oklahoma only primaries as no one commented from the Great Northwest…… Anyway, it went about as expected, I did actually have one person I voted for make it into the November elections…… Why do people keep voting the same Yo-Yo’s in office, especially when everything is going South?…… Our Forefathers did NOT set-up our nation with politics as a lifetime career in mind…… A-u-g-g-h-h-h-h……

  3. Greater Northwest checking in…..just got our ballots in the mail.

  4. Must be nice!……. No, we don’t get our ballots in the mail and we have to ferret out any real info on the candidates on our own, and, believe me, that’s not easy – I think all the other states send their politicians to Oklahoma for basic training – You know, Dirty Politics 101, Graft 101, Corruption 101, etc…… I’ve noticed a lot of them stay around for their Master’s and then just end retiring here where the grass is abundantly green ($) for the politically inclined….. We Okies are such an easy touch……

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