Withering Weather…..

……Free Sauna – just step outside…… The heat index in OKC yesterday was 111 degrees – Actual temp was 96 degrees…. The seven day forecast is for more of the same – high 90’s to triple digits (shade temp) – 105 to 115 degrees (Heat Index)…… This is due to all the excessive rain we had a couple of weeks ago…… Actually, it’s been over six (6) months of record breaking/record tying weather events here in the Great (?) Plains…..

First, we have the worst blizzard on record (14.1″ snow) Christmas Eve, then a record tying Ice Storm in January along with record low temps going into February, then, snap your fingers, and we are 10 to 20 degrees above normal temps in March and April with no precipitation – Instant change from Winter to Summer…… In May we have two (2) large tornado breakouts, both along the same track – What the first one missed, the second one finished off….. In June, we had the worst hail storm I have ever seen….. Image baseball-sized hail stones hitting everything in sight Horizontally!!! The winds were in the 60-80 mph range….. Other than this Hail event we were dry as popcorn, UNTIL, Late June, in which we had our entire Spring in one day – Eleven (11) inches of rain in less than Five (5) hours – Record breaking and flooding where it has never flooded before….. No, it didn’t stop there, over the next two weeks we had two (2) more flooding events…… We’re like 10-15 inches above normal on rainfall now, AND THEN, two days ago, the Sun came out with a vengeance, and it’s instant Steam Bath time with all the moisture in the ground….. I predict the sky will fall this Fall (if we have a Fall)….. Chicken Little was right……

Of course, we’re not having any Global Climate changes, N-a-a-a-a, that’s just something those Green Peace nuts thought up….. Maybe people should wake up and smell the STEAMIt’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature….. Tell that to your Congressman……

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  1. Today

    Partly to
    mostly sunny

    78 Daytime High
    55 Overnight Low

    (Planning a trip up?)

  2. #2 by huskysooner

    Don’t worry anon. When you’re 60 days into 90 days straight of rain, we’ll be sure to rub it in :).

    And it was freakin’ 60 degF and rainy the last two days I was in Portland a couple weeks back (nice the rest of the time, though).

    MR, I’m (obviously) with the scientists on this issue, but your examples are all completely anecdotal. Using them in an argument definitely cuts both ways (“Oh, winter is so cold; global warming must be a hoax.”)

  3. Yes, we had one of those spells….called Spring, one of the worst. My tomatoes look like crap. Set a record for days under 75, or was it 70. Then bam, 95. MR’s anecdotal examples must be the extremes we are in for as the weather changes.

    For those of you that have never been to Seattle, Mr. Sooner is right. It rains 100 inches a year.

  4. #4 by huskysooner

    “100 inches a year”…. ha! That’s just some anti-tourist propaganda, that is.

  5. Later this year on the trip to Seattle, Anon…. Got a trip to Chicago scheduled in early September first…..

    HS, I also agree with the scientist’s on the extreme weather changes we are having all over the World…… My point, if I had a point other than we have been having weird weather events for the last seven (7) months straight, is that maybe it should be called “Global Climate Change” instead of “Global Warming”…… As you pointed out, certain examples could give the impression to the common layman that it’s all a hoax and there are no problems in our atmosphere……

  6. Based on MR’s anecdotal examples we are going to either become a flaming ball of lava or a frozen ball of ice. I can’t wait to see the flaming ball of ice when it gets here. We are screwed and they are screwing us. (We are the people of earth, They are the people of earth) Welcome to the new earth “Icy Hot”. Forecast for the day Morning hail stones the size of VWs, afternoon heatwave – don’t forget to bring in any metal objects so they don’t melt. In a related story, the last tree spontaneously combusted 30 minutes ago – guess global warming wasn’t a hoax after all. The new all ceramic cars should survive the heatwave, however, we recommend A-1’s new heatwave insurance. That’s your news cast at noon.

  7. MR,

    Good choice on Sept. for Chicago, I lived near there and know. One
    hundred inches of humidity in the summer. See you later in the year.

  8. That’s really disturbing news, Mr. J., or should I say, what is more disturbing than that is Mankind will probably do nothing to help the situation….. Only 60% to go and we won’t have to worry about solving the problem – Mankind won’t be around and the Earth can then self-repair……

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