Yeah!…It’s the 4th…..

Time to enjoy what few liberties and rights we have left…… They’re being taken away faster than I can count (maybe it’s not that fast then…eh?)…… Anyways, a couple of 4th of July pointers:

1. Don’t blow thy self up or apart…..


2. Don’t blow-up anybody you don’t intend to blow-up……

Happy 4th of July to everyone!!!!!….

Note: This Post is broadcast in English only……

16 Responses to “Yeah!…It’s the 4th…..”

  1. #2 Does that count dropping fireworks in a fire and Jek trying to put them out with his Tennies. resulting in stiches?.

  2. What? Got to here the whole story. Please continue.

  3. Ok remember my memory gets fuzzier each year. One 4th we were having festivities on Smith Hill. Me, MR, Jek, and a few others who shall remain nameless. We were throwing fireworks into a small Glass jar that we had . Now go back a little, Jek’s mum had just bought him a New pair of CANVAS Deck Shoes. one of us had broken the jar, and started a small fire, Jek goes over to stomp out the fire in the new shoes and manages to slice a rather large gash in his foot. MR has to take him to the ER resulting in several stitches. Pretty uneventful story but a lesson learned all the same. 1. fireworks and glass do not mix. 2. glass and canvas shoes…well you get the idea.

  4. He must have been a little shaver.

    Did the shoes make it?

  5. As a matter of fact they did. he wore them back out to the hill from the ER. Blood stains and all.

  6. Now, Anon, do you want the real story behind the infamous 4th of July stitched toe adventure?….. I still have the stitches sealed in a small medicine bottle that I showed to Jek each 4th after that as a reminder not to get too rambunctious…… J.J.’s version is somewhat true, but, as am I, J.J.’s starting to suffer from CRS syndrome (Can’t Remember Shit)….. Unfortunately, I’ve got a lot on my plate today, so I’ll get it started tomorrow and finish it up over the next couple of days – that is if you’re interested, plus, that will give me a little time to research some of the facts that are vague in my mind right now (CRS Syndrome)……

  7. I’m interested! Want to see the scar too.

    (BTW…..planning a trip north?)

  8. Like I said Fuzzy Memory(CRS) I forgot MR still has the infamous stitches. So please MR Take over from here.

  9. You’ll have to ask Jek to see the scar, if there is one, Anon…. He was semi-little Byte-Sized at the time…. I can’t remember if it was his right or left big toe (must have been his right – as he is right-handed (a little Sherlock Holmes deduction.))…… Some background first – Jek loved to annoy three (3) friends of mine in particular – J.J., Robo, and Booker as they were in the MoPar car club we had formed at the time and they were around the house quite frequently, so he knew how to push their buttons, get reactions, and get away with it (mainly he was a lot smaller than them and much faster)…..

    Could not have been a more perfect set-up for Jek – A large crowd to hide in, armed to the teeth with explosive devices, and three free roaming targets….. Jek concentrated on Robo and Booker mostly with everything from lady fingers to roman candles….. The final straw was when Jek lit an unwrapped package of firecrackers Robo had stuffed into his front shirt pocket…. Luckily, the only casualty was the shirt….. That was it for them, they had had it, Robo and Booker hopped in Robo’s truck and split…..

    Jek was still full of energy and came up with the idea to drop different colored smoke bombs into a quart-sized Mason jar to see what the mixture would produce….. Apparently, and you would have to ask Jek, he became bored with the results, or the smoke wasn’t bothering enough people, so he kicked the jar over with his new deck shoes….. The jar probably broke from the force of the kick combined with the intense heat of the smoke bombs inside it….. The result was one sliced open deck shoe and one big toe….. So-o-o, it was off to the ER, and, about an hour or so later, Jek was back in business with fireworks in hand….. Guess who cooled down and decided to show back up?…. Robo and Booker…. Their consensus was that it was payback for all the harassment Jek had given them earlier….. That, Anon, is the story of the 4th of July Stitched Toe….

  10. On a side note to that, Booker needed a keeper, and I had a brand new truck with really cold air. So during mine and Booker’s cool down we cooled down with the A/C has well. It got so cold in that truck there was frost on the windows. Too bad I missed the smoke ball testing. 🙂

  11. Jek could push peoples buttons even at that age. Gee, that really sounds out of character. Hard to imagine……….really.

    I think I’m missing the final chapter….. Robo’s and Booker’s payback….. the part where good triumphs over evil.

    I’ll check the toe next time he wears sandals.

  12. The revenge was the cut toe.(Right Robo?) I have never seen two men(I’m Sorry One man and one Tub[Booker]) look so happy and feeling so guilty about being so happy before. Needless to say this slowed the evening down considerably.

  13. Anon, in all fairness to Jek, he could and did know how to push people’s buttons from the day he was born, but, it was in a prankster way, not in a mean or vindictive way, and, usually everyone was laughing in the end and there wasn’t too much physical damage…..

    Jek’ll probably be after me for revealing all of this, but, J.J. started it, although, I do have a related story that I might as well throw in:

    Jek, Booker, and I were in Crest (a super large grocery store) one day, and, Jek was doing his usual subtle harassment of Booker, like running over his foot with the basket, putting food items in his back pocket, etc….. When Jek grabbed Booker’s hat and took-off, Booker snapped, and started chasing him….. So-o-o, here’s this little innocent looking Jek running down the isle from this huge, red-faced madman Booker with “Kill” in his eyes – What does Jek do?….. This is good – Are you ready for it?….. Jek starts hollering “CHILD ABUSE, CHILD ABUSE!”….. I’ve never seen a person deflate faster in my life…. Booker froze like a deer caught in a car’s headlights….. Of course, everyone in the store was staring at him like he was an escaped convict and giving him the ‘ol dagger eyes for his evil behavior…… Booker made a hasty retreat and oozed out of the store as fast as he could….. After Jek and I finished shopping about 30 minutes later, Jek returned Booker’s hat to him in the parking lot where he had been waiting for us since my car was locked……

    Yes, Anon, you could say Jek was very creative in his younger days….

  14. Hasn’t changed a bit. Still doesn’t treat his elders with respect. I say R-E-S-P-E-C-T .

  15. Of course the only reason Jek got away with it is because every one let him. After all we were laughing with him usually at our selves. How ever some times he got the receiving end I remember one water gun fight where I was using the sink sprayer and MR was using a 45 battery powered water gun and Jek’s M-16 battery power water gun was empty at the end of that Jek was soaked and cleaning up Mr’s kitchen.

  16. There are lots and lots of youngster Jek stories out there, but, all-in-all I think he turned out fairly well….. He’s still a prankster – which is good….. He respects his elders – Just not always in the traditional way……

    My thoughts are you have to be insane to stay sane in this insane World we exist in today (catch all that?)……

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