12 Musicians That are (Surprisingly) Still Alive.

12. Fats Domino
It’s been a long, long time since Fats was capable of walking up Blueberry Hill on his own. Fats is 81 years young, now.

You know what his thrill was? Young blonde nurses. Meet Fats’ personal nurse Gina.

11. Della Reese
Della must have been touched by an angel, because she just keeps on going, at the age of 77. Maybe she’s still living strong because when the Angel touched her, Della ate it.

10. Country Joe McDonald
Joe’s one of the youngest people on this list, at 67 years old, but Woodstock was 40 freakin’ years ago, and Joe was one of the most memorable hippies that stunk up that place. Now, he’s got the smell of old man balls to go with all that patchouli.

9. Charlie Daniels
At 72 years old, Charlie’s only going to out-fiddle the Devil so many more times. It’s hard for that chicken to keep picking dough out of the bread pan, when it’s got arthritis.

8. Lena Horne
We could make a list of the people who are surprisingly black, and Lena would top that list. Lena turned 92 years old yesterday, and we’d bet she’s as hot as ever.

7. Merle Haggard
This Okie from Muskokie has always looked pretty haggard, so he’s aged pretty gracefully, by that measurement. Last year, he had part of his lung removed, and was performing concerts two months later. You think you’re more outlaw than Merle? Let’s see you try that one.

6. Keith Richards
Yeah, everyone knows that Keith is still alive, but that doesn’t make it any less shocking that Keith Richards is still alive. He’s 65 years old now, and he doesn’t look a day over 130.

5. Frankie Valli
Frankie, at 75, is one of the last survivors of the bubble gum pop of the early 1950s. And here, we thought all the singers from the 50s died from a bad case of La Bamba.

4. Chuck Berry
The world would be a lot less uptight if old black men ruled the world. Look at Chuck. 82 years old, and wearing a purple sequinned shirt with brown pants, and ain’t nobody gonna say a damned thing about it!

3. Jerry Lee Lewis
The bad news? Jerry’s getting up there in age (he’s 72). The good news? His third wife is finally legal! She’s still his cousin, though.

2. Herb Alpert
Herb Alpert’s 74 now, and looks better than most of the younguns on this list.

But who cares about that guy? We can’t name one song he ever made. It was all about the Herb Alpert album covers, and they haven’t aged a day.

1. Les Paul
The next time you make fun of old people, think about Les Paul. He’s 94 years old, and he still rocks harder than any metal band out there. That’s because he invented just about every device they use to cover up their crappy guitar playing. He’s the Rock version of Moses. He parted the water, so that they could rock, and he’s almost as old as the other Moses.


  1. #1 by huskysooner

    Dave Brubeck?

  2. I greatly admire & listen to Brubeck. This is more of a list of the rock/pop genre, although Lena Horne is a stretch.
    Anyone think of any more?

  3. Just thought of one more-Richard Penniman (Little Richard), who is 76 years young. Jeez, we’re getting old.

  4. Yeah, I love Little Richard!….. I don’t think he received “due credit” for his contribution in defining Rock and Roll….. I mean, the man even had the greatest, most original figure in Rock – James Marshall Hendrix – in his band….. What more can you ask for?…… May he live at least as long as George Burns, and then some…..

  5. Les Paul Still plays a live 3 hour show every Monday night at the Iridum Theatre in NYC every week.

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