Will Somebody Please……

…… let me know when I can start watching the news again!…… I am so fed-up with all the coverage of “he who shall not be named”……. I did not realize there’s that many people on this planet who have no musical taste whatsoever….. I don’t even want to discuss my dislikes of this personality (?) because I don’t want to fill-up my limited memory space with such worthless information……

I’ve even considered giving up guitar playing…… Apparently there is no audience for what I consider good music out there, and, I’ll be damned if I’ll ever be “thrilled” playing anything that resembles the music of the so-called “King of Pop”……

Yep, I’m a disgruntled musician who may go “Postal” on my amp at the slightest mention of this person, so, someone out there please be kind enough to let me know when it’s safe to watch good old boring news again (like murders, fires, robberies, earthquakes – you know normal, healthy stuff)…….

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  1. I really can’t believe he’s getting more coverage than Elvis or John Lennon. IMHO, there were only a handful of artists that deserve that treatment. The true pioneers of popular music are Hank Williams, Benny Goodman, Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, James Brown, Bob Dylan & the Beatles. There has been nothing that has changed the face of music since then. The only thing that has changed is marketing.
    P.S. Maybe McCartney will be able to buy back the Beatles Catalogue.

  2. Hold on MRambler. Don’t do anything rash. This too shall pass.

    (But, If you decide to give up music, I’ll take that old guitar off your hands)

  3. I meant to say Glenn Miller, rather than Benny Goodman. I realize the artists I mentioned weren’t necessarily the first ones of that genre, but they were the ones who pushed their genre to mass popularity,

  4. Oops, how could I forget Chuck Berry. That’s it, I promise.

  5. Did you have Jimi Hendrix on that list, Sunn?….. He pushed guitar playing to an all-time new level….. I know Frank Zappa never received mass popularity, but, he was definitely a one of a kind original…. Of course, I’m looking at this from a musician’s view as opposed to a listener’s view…..

    Oh yeah, the news media had the “Unmitigated Audacity” (FZ bootleg album) to compare the LA send off for “he who shall not be named” to the installation of a Pope by the mass and devotion of his fans….. Pure Blasphemy!….. Much worse than The Blues Brothers on a “Mission from God”…..

    No, Anon, you can’t have my guitar….. If I do give up playing it, which I doubt, I’ll make a nice wall hanging out of it in remembrance of what should be……

  6. MR, you do have a good point about Hendrix. I believe him to be the greatest rock guitarist of all time. However, I believe his eyes were opened with the progression of the Yardbirds, with Clapton, Beck & Page. I think the Beatles paved the way for most everything that followed them.

  7. I thought we were supposed to do the Hendrix/Monterey thing to your Strat when you are gone, I have been saving a special old metal bottle of Rossingnol for that occasion.

  8. That’s when I’m GONE, J-Boy, not if I stop playing for a while (which I really don’t plan to do – just said that to make a point)…… But, if my time ever comes (I intend to go out kicking and screaming and be very, very old), you can take the Strat down off the the wall or out of it’s case and duly sacrifice it, or, sell it and throw a hellva party for the MR Community!….. Yeah, that’s the ticket – do it New Orleans style……

    Just as a note: There’s this certain Bass player I was in a band with that wanted (at the time) to be buried in his Kustom bass cabinet….. Now, you may think who would possibly want to be laid to rest in a small instrument cabinet?….. This cabinet, for those of you who don’t remember, Kustom equipment was really built tough and this particular Kustom bass cabinet was nearly 6 ft. tall, 2 1/2 ft. wide, and about 18″ in depth….. Like all Kustom equipment of that era, it had this super puffy soft vinyl tuck-and-roll padding on the sides and top…… It was built like a vault and weighed about the same….. Luckily, he is still with us and has long since parted with the cabinet….. Of course, I don’t know if he has a will stating that a replacement be found when the time comes, but, I have the sneaky suspicion that he’ll be on this mortal coil just as long or longer than any of us in our “circle of friends” (No, I don’t watch too much TV – They just run too Friggin’ many commercials with the news and weather programming……

  9. I’m thinking cremation. That way I can maybe get used to the heat, before I reach my final destination.
    Being an ex-bassist myself, the Kustom cab sounds like a pretty cool route. I remember those cabinets, they were huge. I don’t recall what the exact speaker configuration was, however. Back in the day, all the cool bands had matching Kustom equipment. I preferred the black over the glittery ones.

  10. John Fogerty still has his Kustom rig and Rickenbacker guitar that he used on all the classic CCR recordings….. He used them both on a DVD that came out a few years ago…..

    Don’t quote me on this, but, I think the Kustom bass amp had three 15″ JBL speakers in it with a couple of equalization tubes….. It would definitely put out the sounds, but, you needed a small fork lift to load and unload it from the equipment van……

  11. There’s a certain sound from some of that vintage equipment that can’t be duplicated by today’s fare. A good example is the old tape loop Echoplex, now done digitally.
    Practically all other electronic innovations have delivered a better product, such as home video, audio, computers, etc.
    With all the advanced technological advances, you would think the new amps would blow the old ones away. Not the case, IMHO.

  12. I still have an original Echoplex!….. When the factory tape loop cartridge became hard to get, I fashioned a bracket, attached it to the side of the unit and used 8-track cartridges, which are basically just a big tape loop….. The unit still works, and, although I have a bunch of old 8-tracks I picked up for pennies, the 1/4 inch tape in the cartridges are starting to deteriorate….. I may have to start rebuilding some of the original tape loops with new tape if 1/4 recording tape is even still available….. Probably more trouble than it’s worth, but, every once in a while, you just can’t beat the sound and feeling of vintage equipment……

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