105, 105, 105……

Yep, that’s the forecasted temps for the OKC area for the next three days…… We’ve been in the triple digits for the past few days, and, it looks like it will continue out past the three days, and we are one of the, dare I say, cool spots in the state…… The panhandle area is racking up temps in the 115 degree range.….. I know I’m talking weather again, but, this is getting serious….. We normally don’t get in the “Big Three” temp area until late July…… August being our hottest time with an average of only 10 days over the century mark per year….. We will pass that figure by the end of the week!…… Here’s what’s really the rub, we’re over 5 inches short on rainfall….. It’s raining all around us, but, the “Heat Dome” keeps it away from Oklahoma ( HS – is Heat Dome a proper meteorological term?)…… Looks like we may be in for more of those wildfires like we had in April…. “Just What We Needed” – Yeah, Sure…..

How’s the weather elsewhere in the MR Community?….. I have to keep the A/C blowing directly on my computer and me just to keep us both up and running……..

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  1. It rained here in Seattle today…….a little bit. This is a dry warm summer so far. My tomatoes looking great. Forest fires a threat.

  2. I hear the fires threat, Anon, I think we are going to be facing that soon enough here…… Oh, Yeah, as of 5:30 am this morning, they raised the highs for the next three days to 106, 106, 106!….. So-o-o, add 1 degree to the title of this Post…… Please organize an “Ice Drop” for MR HQ…… PDB is working on it, but, not too hard…… He’s strutting around the HQ is a super-secret cooling suit he came up with on his last mission….. If it wasn’t so small, I’d steal it from him…. I guess I’ll just have to perforate it when he’s not looking instead…..

  3. Ask and ye shall recieve, Was this afternoons storms enough to satisfy you for a few minutes? While driving past the TAFB waste of good real estate( What Movie is that from you Trivia Buff?) It looks like LSD/Robo is gonna have his hands full tomorrow.

  4. #4 by huskysooner

    Nice in Boulder, where we’ve been for the last week. hahahahaha.

  5. Proves my point, J.J. – When we get rain, it comes quick and fast (the storm lasted about 30 minutes here), and is usually accompanied with strong winds (up to 80 mph in some locations), and hail (up to golf ball size), causing power outages (off here for about an hour – still off for about 6,000 customers) and property damage (MWC school lost it’s metal roof, cars damaged, windows blown out – not a pretty sight all-in-all)….. Luckily no tornadoes, and, MR HQ didn’t get hit with the full force of the storm – It was as close as it could be without the hail and the super high winds…. No damage here though – Yeah!…..

    After 7 days in a row of 100 degrees or above weather, we are going to be somewhere around 90 today….. It’s a break, but, a costly one….. We didn’t get that much rain and it was a damaging storm….. We are now in what the weather people called a “dirty jet-stream” meaning we could see more of these fast moving damaging storms for the next few days, and then – Yep, back to the Heat Dome…..

    Oh Yeah, J., it’s Caddyshack……..

  6. Dirty Jet Streamz………..that could be a band?

  7. Yeah, Anon, and they would play their first live gig at the “Heat Dome” located somewhere in the great Southwest……

  8. We were in Dallas and FW earlier this week… and OUCH! I’m happy to be back here in Seattle where we barely break 90 deg F.

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