Ghostbusters, The Video Game……

……is GREAT!!!!!! Robo, MR Community member, picked up a copy of the newly released game for the Wii……. All the original Ghostbusters are present, as well as some of the other cast members of the movie – The caricatures look just like them, and, from what I can tell, they did all the sound bytes for their individual characters….. It’s a far cry from the old Commodore 64 game, but, if you know the movies (I and II), you won’t find it that hard to play or understand….. The graphics are dead-on, and all the controls seem to work as advertised, and, you won’t finish it in one setting…..

I’m sure someone can find a more detailed review on the net for those of us who might enjoy this game and will put up a link in the comment section for the rest of us…… Jek, I know you will like it……

“Who you gonna call”???……….

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  1. What’s the objective of the game? Wonder if they ever made a PC game of the Blues Brothers?

  2. I guess the BB concept could be jailbreaking, car chases, dodging beer bottles, dealing with shady promoters & temperamental musicians. Sounds like fun to me.

  3. I’ve only played the game for about 8 hours and the end of the first mission was to kill Stay Puff. The second mission ends by taking out the Collector a book based demigod. That is as far as I have got. I’m about 40% done. The object of the game seems to be to have fun. I recommend this game for anyone who likes a little challenge and a lot of fun.

  4. Cool! I saw an ad for the game and didn’t see a Wii logo and was sad. But I guess it has been released for the Wii too. I’ll be checking it out for sure. Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. Like I said in the Post, the game is great!….. It’s not that hard to play, but, it doesn’t get boring….. It’s also super detailed with everything you always wanted to know about Ghostbusters, and, Walter Peck (Dickless) even makes an appearance!….. I don’t know about the other formats (PC, X-Box, etc), but, the Wii version is great, and, you can have two players at once helping each other…..

    Yeah, I wish they would come out with a Blues Brothers game…. It should have all the things Sunn mentioned and maybe a tie-in with the “Guitar Heros” software….. I don’t know if that is possible, as I have never messed with the “Guitar Heros” stuff…. I just pick-up my Strat and play what I want to play whenever I feel like it…….

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