Ground Hog Day……..

As I am sure everyone is aware of, yesterday was Ground Hog Day……. Well, I decided to see what our local version of the ground hog – the prairie dog – actually did on February 2nd….. So-o-o, I staked-out the abode of one of our local P-dogs…. Let’s call him Bob…… Early yesterday morning, Bob popped his head up out of his hole, took a quick look around, disappeared back in his hole for a few seconds, then reappeared wearing sunglasses….. REALLY!….. Bob also had a notebook in his hand (paw) and was fanatically writing……. It wasn’t long before Bob was out of his hole and off and running….. Keeping up with him wasn’t easy!……

His first stop was Ace Hardware….. Bob came out with a snow shovel, rock salt, de-icer, and a power generator (Bob’s no dummy – He knows how great O.G.& E. is when it comes to power outages)……. Next stop for Bob was Crest supermarket where he stocked up on canned foods (Again, Bob’s on the ball – remember the power outages? – Bob actually wrote a letter to O.G.& E. offering his services to bore the holes so they could bury the electric lines – They threatened him with legal action if he pursued the issue further. They said his help would endanger the jobs of thousands of maintenance workers and severely cut into their right to raise customer’s rates – O.K., O.K., back to the story of Bob)…….

Bob returned to his little abode to prepare for the forthcoming six more weeks of winter – which Bob had predicted when he saw his shadow and got his sunglasses…… As I started to depart Bob’s little area of the world, Mrs. Bob was ordering him to go to Wal-Mart because all the little Bob’s and Bobette’s long johns were full of holes, including her’s……

So-o-o-o, It looks as if we’re going to have at least six more weeks of bad weather, and, as a footnote, Bob and I have discussed the power outage problem in great detail and Bob’s gonna help me install a wind tower generator…… He and all the other little Bob’s are starting on the foundation holes next week……

Happy Winter everyone, from Bob, Mrs. Bob, all the little Bob’s and Bobette’s, and MR, your community leader…….

20 Responses to “Ground Hog Day……..”

  1. Notice you had this posted under “holidays”. Is Ground Hog Day the latest government holiday? Wouldn’t surprise me. Of course I’m on “holiday” everyday. It’s called retirement .

  2. I’ll be damned. That catfish didn’t get you. Thought you were a goner.

  3. It is a “Holiday” if you’re a Ground Hog and employed by the Feds according to House Bill (Murray) 2-02, Par 18……

    No catfish smell here….. Bob the Prairie Dog and I have been hibernating in his abode the last month or so discussing the World, such as it is….. Bob’s got some really innovative ideas on getting us out of this mess….. From Bob’s point of view, we should start from the ground up (or below)……

  4. I’m ready. Give us Ground Hog Bob’s Solution to Economic Woes. We need it. (does this involve giving away money?)

  5. Send Bob the Prairie Dog to the White House. I hear the Obamas’ are looking for a new dog. Maybe Barry could appoint him to the cabinet. Couldn’t do any worse then some of the dogs he has appointed.

  6. That’s “Prairie Dog Bob”, Anon….. He gets testy on the name thing…. Bob did say, and I quote, “Any money given away by the Government would go DIRECTLY to the taxpayers…. The money given to all the Huge real estate company’s, which they immediately stuck into their private pockets, wouldn’t have happened…. Should’a been given to the mortgagee’s so they could make their payments….. This does two things – It keeps the overpaid, corrupt, big businesses from controlling it as they please, and, most importantly, by giving it the the individual, it puts the money in circulation, which is the basis needed to get the economy going again…. Of course, they’ll always be a few people who will come up with ways to get some of the money illegally, but, I don’t think it will be in the billions like it is giving it to corrupt corporations who just naturally assume it theirs to do with as they please.”….. I had to calm Bob down with a Harvey Wall-banger and some Delta Blues ’cause when he gets mad, he swells up like porcupine ready to attack and turns beet red…..

    Sunn, Bob said the problem with anyone in politics these days is that the honest person who is qualified and could do the job, don’t want it because it’ll turn you into something your mother wouldn’t recognize…… If Obama actually, really, tries to do all the things he’s promised the public, he will look like Fred Sanford when it comes re-election time in four years……

    Bob the Prairie Dog says he’ll keep giving us some do’s and don’ts now and then, as long as his blood pressure medicine holds out…..

  7. I see a caped cartoon crusader flying (hopping, whatever) over prairies and cities rescuing citizens as needed, a golden PDB emblazoned on his little cape . “It’s Bob Dog of the Prairie. No fool, it’s Prairie Dog Bob come to bring Harvey Wall-bangers and sound advice.”

    Could be syndicated.

  8. Anon, I’d invest in that. Couldn’t be any riskier than the stock market.

  9. PD Bob said he could go for that….. He’s not sure about the cape crap, but he said he would go for a black baseball cap with a PDB in bold yellow letters on it – similar to the FBI hats, also, in the same vein, he wants a black flak jacket with the same PDB logo on the back…. He wants to be a crusader with authority…… Other than a stainless steel flask full of HWB (stirred NOT shaken – that 007 bozo is lame-o), PD Bob is keeping his other weapons a secret at the present time…… “The less the BBC (Big Business Corrupter’s) know about what I’m going to hit them with, the better”

    Of course, all this will generate expenses, so PDB will be looking for investors (Sunn)…… PD Bob says, and I quote,”I don’t take risks – When I’m right – I strike!”….. And then PDB added, “A penny saved is one that’s NOT in a banker’s, politician’s, CEO’s, etc. hands”…..

  10. Black tights?

    We’re talking about a real prairie dog here.

  11. PD Bob said he doesn’t need no stinkin’ tights – He’ll just dye his fur black – much cooler, and, he’ll still be impossible to see on any of his impossible missions…..

    Oh, Yeah, he’s been pushing me to write him a theme song….. Any suggestions?……

  12. Only thing that comes to mind is the theme for Mighty Mouse but, I’ll think on it.

    What about shoe? Needs ultra cool shoes with special devices.

  13. PD Bob said he will definitely need termite resistant (remember those WT’s) knee-high waders with retractable floaters to allow him to stay above this “up to the neck” mess we are all in, and, of course nuclear propulsion for quick entries and escapes…… He also wants something along the same lines to protect his tail….. PDB’s proud of his tail….. It keeps him balanced in these unbalanced times…….

    PD Bob has your file, Anon, and wants to know if you’d be interested in working up a caricature of him that he could use on his personal stationary and any posts he makes on the Blog….. Of course, he doesn’t want it to look exactly like him for security reasons…… You might even earn a “PDB’s Junior Protector of the People” badge for your efforts……

  14. Make it a joint project. Send me some sketches of your ideas to start off and I will add to them.

  15. PDB gave his paw-print OK for the project…… I will confer with PDB and send you something within the week by personal e-mail….. Of course, PDB wants complete artistic control over the final product…. I don’t think he trusts my artistic ability – says I been away from it for too long…..

  16. Is there any money in this? I work better for money.

  17. No money. OK, I’ll work for fried chicken.

  18. Remember, Anon, PD Bob said he needed funding – So, I expect the best you can hope for is the Junior PDB badge….. He keeps hitting me up for Brazil Nut Money….. I have to tell him that in Oklahoma you can only get them in a can of mixed nuts, which gets expense when he’s only interested in the Brazil nuts…… He did say he could pay you in fried chicken face, if that would be okay?

  19. Fried chicken is good.

  20. Anon, you didn’t read that real close, did you?….. That’s Fried Chicken FACE, not, regular Fried Chicken – just the face….. Believe me, it’s an acquired taste…..

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