Okla. Rainy Day Fund

A report on the state budget states that we have a $600 Million + “Rainy Day Fund” How much more Rain do we need in this state?. Lets pump some of this back into the state economy. Hire New workers, Start Projects, Help out the laid off and struggling workers of our state. maybe, Oh I don’t know, BALANCE THE BUDGET!

2 Responses to “Okla. Rainy Day Fund”

  1. I just wish they would send me my little bitty “Refund” check……. I’m well aware that most of any “Rainy Day Fund” goes into someone’s wet back pocket…… I’m not asking for much – Just part of the money that came out of “MY” pocket in the first place….. Robo and I sent our Oklahoma Tax Returns off the very same day….. He got his refund over a week ago…… There’s no number in the booklet to check on your refund – I know, I looked…. Come on, Oklahoma Tax Commission – PAY UP!….. I may have to bring PDB in on this……..

  2. Rainy Day……Dream Away (J. Hendrix)

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