T-Day +2 – C-Day -26

Yep, it’s that time of year….. The countdown has officially begun…… We’re already two days past Thanksgiving, and, only 26 days away from Christmas (add +7 if you want to skip Christmas and go directly to celebrating New Years – Hic!)…….

People never fail to amaze me……. On the sad side, I heard a Walmart employee was trampled to death upon opening the doors by crazed shoppers, and, three people were shot when a employee at a Toys-R-Us attempted to breakup an argument between customers…… They said it might have been gang related?…… Anyone out there know any gang members who shop at Toys-R-Us?……. If I were a gang member, I don’t think I would want it known that I hung out at Toys-R-Us…… Maybe that’s why they were shooting at each other – fighting over a copy of “Resident Evil 4” or “Guitar Heroes”….. It’s a crazy World out there and it no longer belongs to Arthur Brown…… It might be advisable to get a concealed weapons permit before you go shopping this year, just to be on the safer side……..

To all the wonderful people I know, please remember it’s the THOUGHT that counts (I hope they buy this line, as I am, like most this year, running tight – so the presents will be light)……

So-o-o-o, happy shopping and Happy Holler-days to everyone….. The “Hollering” starts when the charges start rolling in from the melted plastic you used to buy all those presents…..

3 Responses to “T-Day +2 – C-Day -26”

  1. Well Tis the Season After all.

  2. With songs like Band On The Run and Hotel California, just to name a few, Guitar Hero World Tour is actually pretty fun. Got it for the kids for Christmas (on the Wii). Had to test it out, of course… The guitar and drums are fun. But the bass is my favorite…in case you couldn’t have guessed.

  3. Ok that does it, You are now here by required to bring it over to RoBo’s so we can all sample it on his Wii, along with all controllers necessary to get the full effect. As soon as I get back from my inspection tour of Seattle.

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