’09 Countdown

Well we are 13.5 away from ’09. What a year huh? We have seen history made this year as well as seen the economy tank. So what are your hopes and dreams for the New Year? Also how are we going to make this year better than the last?. ( Hey it’s not easy coming up with new topics to keep this thing going) My hope is that the economy stabilizes soon so I can realize my dream of becoming a small businessman. I am also getting back into the land ownership game so I can finally have a place to call my own so I can get back to what I love Tinkering with old cars. I hope that I can finally find a job that fits what I want my lifestyle to be. and I hope that we can finally start making some music and play a few gigs.(Hint Hint OK Based Musicians) And I hope that I can finally Quit Smoking!, Not a resolution just a goal. So far I have kept my last New Years Resolution made in 1990, to not make any New Years Resolutions.

2 Responses to “’09 Countdown”

  1. I’m definitely ready to be through with 2008. Not sure what was up with it. Pretty mediocre for me. Let’s see 2009: want to play more music, enjoy life, get smarter, and behave younger. I feel old.

  2. That’s what we call him, “Old Jek”. Sitten on the porch, justa rocken. Throw off those restrictive, oppressive clothes and go running through the snow. You’ll look much younger.

    2008 was/is not a vintage year. Just one bright spot, “Mr. Forgotten But Not Gone” will be gone soon. I’m not sorry to see 08 go.

    Yeah! Play more music. Drink just the right amount of beer (my capacity has dropped significantly).

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