Howdy Everyone

Hey everybody, Hope all of all of you are doing well. I just thought I would check in and see what all in the community are up to. We have been busy down here in the Dust Bowl. I am changing companies next week, hope to be home more. MR and I have been busy helping his sister in law get moved into her new life and home and has been busy with Terraplane making new music. I have heard what has been laid down so far and you guys and gals will be blown away. I have even dipped my toe into the songwriting pool. maybe it can be the 1st recorded by the blog band. As you know the MR move has been put on hold for a while, I must admit I am not sad, I’m Sorry, that is a very self centered way to be, But I consider MR a close friend and it’s cool having him just round the corner (sort of). Anyhoo I just wanted to say hey to the community and hope that all of you are doing well. Remember on behalf of MR, any of you can post anytime you have anything on your mind just start typing. We don’t want this forum to go away because of lack of participation. Free Speech is one of the last rights we have left. Looking forward to hearing from all the community.

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  1. Thanks J. for covering for me….. I have to admit I have been lazy to some degree…… Hope to turn over a new leaf – at least to some degree and start posting and commenting again on a regular basis……. AND, of course, everyone knows that YOU CAN POST TOO!…… UNCLE MR WANTS YOU!……

    Hope everyone has been well and things are going as right as they can…… Don’t forget to check by every once in a while and post or comment…… Happy Days……

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