Bifunkal – Chicago Music

If you’re in Chicago, you gotta check out Bifunkal. They are an extremely impressive duo. Bifunkal’s music is a blend of Progressive Rock, Funk (duh), Reggae, Pop, and more! Both the guitarist and drummer employed live looping for greater presence. The biggest surprise though is the drummer, Hershyl Edwards, “played” bass with his voice. He had some sort of processing going on that lowers his voice a few octaves and then probably runs it through bass effects. Very convincing! The guitarist, Jesse Cryderman, at times sounded like Dave Gilmore and Robert Fripp–among others.


Check out their album, Under the Undone Sun, on their website at Better yet, support them and buy it.

2 Responses to “Bifunkal – Chicago Music”

  1. “It’s not exactly only Rock ‘n’ Roll, but I like it”…… Like it, Yes I do…… Cool call, Jek…..

  2. THE BEST!!!

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