MR’s De-Evo Points/Quiz….

Point Standings:

Zook: Twenty-Three and One-Half (23.5) Points
HuskySooner: Eighteen (18) Points
J.J.: Fifteen and One-Half (15.5) Points
Anon: Thirteen (13) Points
Izard: Nine (9) Points
TTop: Three (3) Points
Jek: One-Half (.5) Point

The Quiz (You know the rules, blah-blah-blah, etc):

1. Why is America not named after Columbus?
2. What are neutrinos?
3. Where did the Chisholm Trail run?
4. What kind of fish is a sardine?
5. What is the northernmost point of the United States?
6. How did detectives come to be known as private eyes?
7. Who wrote the “Pledge of Allegiance”?
8. What is the name of the instrument shoe salespeople use to measure feet?
9. In what town did the gunfight at the O.K. Corral take place? Extra points for who was shot.

Some interestingly strange ones here with just as interesting answers! Good Luck…..

30 Responses to “MR’s De-Evo Points/Quiz….”

  1. I may be wrong, but at least I’m wrong quickly:

    1. I don’t know *why* exactly, but it I recall correctly it was named after Amerigo Vespucci, who was some navigator who wrote about the new continent. I somehow remember that he was also somewhat of a self-aggrandizing rich brat…

    2. Leptons with 0 charge, as opposed to electrons, muon, and tao particles which are leptons with charge. Or the Swiss.

    4. Tasty.

    5. Point Barrow?

  2. #2 by huskysooner

    9. Tombstone, AZ… been there!

  3. Zook wants to hold on to that lead….. You are right on #1 that America was named after Amerigo Vespucci, who explored the New World between 1497 and 1504. German mapmaker Martin Waldseemuller first applied the name to the new continent (hint) on a map published in 1507. I’m going to give Zook One (1) Point for the Vespucci info, but, I’m still looking for the *why* it wasn’t named after Columbus……
    #2 – Not what I’m looking for – No points…..
    #4 – I like the little fishes myself, but, alas, no points…..
    #5 – Correct – Point Barrow, a city in Alaska with a 1980 population of 2,207, mostly Eskimo. It was the site of the 1935 air crash that killed Will Rogers…..

    Zook picks-up Two (2) Points and we’re done with Question #5

    More, Please……

  4. While I was posting my first reply, HuskySooner gets One (1) Point for coming in with the correct answer for #9 – The famous shootout on October 26th, 1881, happened in Tombstone, Arizona Territory, at a photographer’s studio just to the east of the O.K. Corral – Camillus Fly’s studio. Bonus Points still available on who was shot……

    Keep ’em comin’……

  5. 3. I get them trails mixed up…so ….will use a shot gun.

    1st guess….Oregon

    2nd guess….A Kansas BBQ place.

    3rd guess…..Montana

    4. small as well as tasty…. Herring….Sardinella anchovia (eastern)…. Sardina pilchardus….European. A term used in the Atlantic. Thanks for throwing in a fish question. How about some extra points here.

    Man, you got to be on these quizzez. You guys are ready to pounce.

  6. 3. Oh, where did it run, I miss-read. Texas north to many places like Kansas and I think even Montana supplying BBQ places along the way. What? You want every river crossing?

  7. Anon, you get the One (1) Point for #4, and, I’ll throw in an extra One (1) Point for all the specifics. Happy?…. Here is my source’s answer: The term applies to several species of the herring family, including the common herring of the North Atlantic, the European pilchard, and members of the genus Sardinops found in the Pacific and Indian oceans. On #3, we’re talking about a specific trail named for trader Jesse Chisholm, so, I’m looking for a little more detail on the beginning/ending towns of the route, but, I will give you a Half (.5) Point because it did run from Texas to Kansas. I’ll give a Point (1) each for the names of the towns. In 1871 – the trail’s busiest year – 700,000 cattle were driven along the route by 5,000 cowboys.

    Anon picks-up Two and One-Half (2.5) Points and we’re through with Questions #4 and #5…… Partials on #1, #3, and #9…..

  8. 3. Isn’t one side of it in/near El Paso. Also, seems like Yukon, OK has to be on it since there’s some annual Chisholm Trail festival… and the Chisholm Shopping Center… and the Chisholm Cineplex.

    6. Will someone PLEASE turn off the Hall & Oats?

    8. A pincher? (well that’s what it should be called)

    9+. A Red Shirt (That’s what the script called him.)

  9. On #3 – Not El Paso, that’s too far South, and, yes the Chisholm trail had to pass through Oklahoma, including Yukon, but, I’m looking for the start/stop locations. Both are not obscure locations. Hint – The Texas one has a World famous historical landmark located there.

    #6 – What Hall & Oats song has something to do with “private eyes”? I’m not a big H&O fan. The Eagles had one about lying eyes, but, I think you know I’m looking for historical correctness…..

    #8 – I would call it a “toe squasher” myself…..

    #9+ – Been watching ST-TOS I see…. “Spectre of the Gun” I believe. The Bonus answers are there, although they follow the myth of the event. In reality, The Earp brothers – Wyatt, Virgil, Morgan – and friend Doc Holliday shot *Insert Bonus Answers Here*. The Earps shot the three (hint) without provocation (some gunfight, huh?). The Earps and Holliday were legally cleared of any crime.

    Jek’s lookin’ for negative points I think, so-o-o, out of spite, I’m giving him One (1) Point for being semi-funny……

  10. #10 by huskysooner

    2. What was wrong with Zook’s definition? I thought it was ok.

    Neutrinos are particles thought to have no mass or charge that only interact with other matter via the weak and gravitational forces. This explains why you need such a huge scattering cross section and very sensitive detectors to sense them […actually, I think the detectors don’t see the neutrinos themselves but rather the result of weak force interactions between the neutrinos and other particles].

    Or were you looking for a Wesley Crusher-like explanation?

  11. Since I’m no scientist, I have to go with what my source reference gives. To be fair, I’m going to give Zook and HuskySooner One (1) Point each as both their definitions are much more detailed and scientific. I guess my source is using the Wesley Crusher version – Neutrinos are objects produced by the decay of certain subatomic particles. They have energy but little or no mass, and they travel almost at the speed of light.

    We’re now through with Questions #2, #4 and #5…… Partials on #1, #3, and #9…..

  12. #12 by huskysooner

    Thanks a lot, Jek. Now I have that damn song stuck in my head…

    Private eyes
    They’re watching you
    They see your every move….

  13. 3. Started in Pecos or, Abilene or, Lubbock or, maybe Wacko ( Texas has such great city names) and ended at a ” Detroit BBQ grill where they serve all those fine eight beats”. My best guess is really Wichita. Earps wouldn’t let cows into Dodge

  14. After much research, I called a shoe store, it’s called a “Branneck”. Maybe some of you recognize the name from science. Branneck was the inventor.

  15. So-o-o, That’s the Hall & Oates song – Yeah, thanks a lot, Jeko…..

    Anon, Anon, Anon – #3 – I give a great hint on the Texas end and you just jump all around it, and, in the process you come up with the Kansas end in your Texas list – Abilene….. What am I to do with you….. I guess I’ll give you the One (1) Point for the trail’s end in Kansas. Boy, oh, boy……

    On #8, we’re measuring feet, not necks (Bran-neck)…. I’m going to give you the Point because I’m aware of your spelling (Yuck) abilities. The metal measurer is called the BRANNOCK device…..

    The Good Humor Twins – Anon and Jek…… Don’t stop, it’s funny. I just wonder if you two are doing it on purpose or by total accident!?

    We’re now through with Questions #2, #4, #5 and #8…… Partials on #1, #3, and #9….. Gettin’ there……

  16. Yeah, well how come your spell-check didn’t catch Brann(e)k?

    3. Lonesome Dove to how about Salina?

  17. HS and MR: Ha! At least I’m not suffering alone. Now it’s just at 24 hours. Don’t know how much more I can take.

  18. Anon, spell checkers don’t usually catch weird spellings of proper names. If the checker catches it as a mis-spelled word, it usually offers up similar words that have entirely different meanings. The checker expects you to have a small smattering of knowledge of the English language – Bottom Line – It can only help you so much, sorry, but, we do understand you – most of the time – some of the time? (Ha-Ha)…… On #3, Anon, you’ve already got the Kansas end of the trail – Abilene. I gave a hint on the Texas end. Think of how many World famous historical sites there are in Texas. Only one that I know of. The trail started just South of the town that site is located in.

    Jek, as I said in comment #9, I’m not familiar with the H&O song, and, from what you are saying, I don’t think I’ll be going to Amazon.dodo to check it out either….. Hint for #6 – It has to do with the logo of a famous detective agency.

  19. 3. Gotta be the Ala Mode.

  20. I don’t understand how spell check missed the name of a famous inventor.

  21. Anon, on #3 you gotta give me the town’s name that contains the Ala Mode if you want the Point Ala Mode (Pie is extra)……

    We just don’t have a famous spell-checker….. On our budget, we couldn’t afford the famous people upgrade……

  22. 3. OK, San Antonio. That was a lot of hints. Do I still get a point?

  23. Yeah-h, yeah, I’m going to give you the last One (1) Point for #3 because anyone else could’ve jumped in and took it away from you at anytime…. You deserve it – if not for persistence only…..

    Here’s some hints on the unanswered questions:
    #1 – Columbus was unaware of something when he discovered America…… Boy, we sure don’t know our history, do we?….
    #6 – I’ve already given a large hint on this one, but, let me make it even easier….. I’ll condense it down to naming the detective agency….. Here’s the background – The logo was an eye with the slogan, “We Never Sleep”. As the fame of the agency (founded in 1850) spread, criminals talked about their fear of “private eyes” as opposed to the public eyes of the police…. Name the agency….
    #7 – Again, history has reared it’s ugly head….. It was written by the editor of the children’s magazine “The Youth’s Companion”, for its September 8, 1892, issue, to commemorate Columbus Day (remember Columbus?). It originally read: ” I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands – one nation indivisible – with liberty and justice for all.” The verse became a popular Columbus Day tradition and, later, a daily school recitation. In 1923, the U.S. Flag Association replaced “my flag” with “the flag of the United States of America,” and in 1954, Congress added “under God.”
    #9 – Already gave many hints on who was shot. I’ll even take just the last names……

    Tomorrow is the deadline….. I’ll give the answers then……

  24. 6. That lousy bunch of Pinkertons?

  25. Anon, you’re rakin’ ’em in on this quiz…. #6 – Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency. One (1) more Point for Anon…..

    Still time on the remaining few questions……

  26. #9 Frank McLaury, Tom McLaury, Billy Clanton

  27. #1 From reading my history and an excerpt from the letter announcing his discovery, When he landed on the North America continent in Honduras he only traveled north for a limited distance before turning back south. so My Guess is What he did not know is that the continent was as big as it was or was actually a continent but only an island. So in other words he discovered it with out discovering it. ( Is the answer in there anywhere?)

  28. J.J. sneaks in right at the last and gets Three (3) Points for #9 – The McLaury brothers and Billy Clanton….. On #1, the answer is so simple – J.J., you would’ve had it right on the nose in your last line of comment #27 if you would have said “he discovered it without “realizing” it – Columbus did not realize he had discovered a new continent, but Amerigo Vespucci did. So poor ‘ol Columbus didn’t return to the old world bragging about the new continent he had discovered, he just thought he had landed on a different section of the then known world….. I am going to give you Three-Fourths (.75) of a Point J. for stomping all around the answer without finding it…..

    Somebody look-up the answer to #7 and we’ll have all the answers for this Quiz….. You’ve got ’til 1900 hrs, CDT…..

  29. OK, I looked it up but, on Wikapedia….I dont expect a point….unless you are handing them out. If you dont want to know the answer, dont look while I write this in easy to figure code….ymallef sicnarb.

  30. It’s a shame none of us know our country’s history better than we do….. I didn’t know the answer either…… I did ask for someone to look it up, and, I like your code, so I will award you the One (1) Point for #7 – Francis Bellamy – all the details on this question are in comment #23……

    That’s it for this Quiz – Lots of fun in all the comments I must say – Another Quiz very soon…… Points on this Quiz:
    Anon – Seven and One Half (7.5) Points
    J.J. – Three and Three-Quarter (3.75) Points
    Zook – Three (3) Points
    HuskySooner – Two (2) Points
    Jek – One (1) Point

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