See The Bean

Wow! Where have I been? Well, we went to Chicago a couple of weeks ago and I’m finally getting caught up on all-things-Jek.

So what is The Bean? The Bean is a very cool sculpture in Chicago’s Millennium Park. There are several sculptures in Millennium Park, but this one really catches your eyes and attention.

The Bean

Below is our “Bean Reflection”. Looks like the making of a good album cover.

The Bean reflection

We really enjoyed Chicago, despite it being fRiEkInG COLD. The music was great too!

5 Responses to “See The Bean”

  1. Doesn’t quite look like the “Green Bean” (Nickname of a car Jek once owned), but, it is really cool…… Being a person that has worked extensively with sheet metal in the past, I didn’t think it was possible to achieve such a mirror finish on stainless steel….. Very impressive….. Jek, you didn’t happen to see the WWII German U-Boat they have on display in Chicago? It was one they used for some interior shots and engine sounds for the movie……

  2. Nope, I missed it. Didn’t even know about it. To which movie are you referring?

  3. U-571 was the movie…… We saw it together at a theatre in the Northgate Shopping Center area when it came out a few years ago….. At the time, the U-Boat in Chicago was on display at some outdoor plaza….. It may have been moved since then, but, I am pretty sure that they said it was supposedly on “permanent” display there.

  4. That theatre is long gone now. The whole face of Northgate has changed. It seems better but in a way that somehow makes me feel guilty for liking it.

    I couldn’t find any evidence that any parts of the U-505 on display at the Museum of Science and Industry, which we didn’t go to, were used in U-571 (from my internet searching). I did see that it was an inspiration to the director/writer somebody (see how close I read). Oh yeah and I did find this quote about it from Roger Ebert’s review:

    In case you’re wondering, the German sub on display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago is U-505, and it was boarded and captured not by submariners, but by sailors from the USS Pillsbury, part of the escort group of the carrier USS Guadalcanal. No Enigma machine was involved. That was in 1944. An Enigma machine was obtained on May 9, 1941, when HMS Bulldog captured U-110. On Aug. 23, 1941, U-570 was captured by British planes and ships, without Enigma. This fictional movie about a fictional U.S. submarine mission is followed by a mention in the end credits of those actual British missions. Oh, the British deciphered the Enigma code, too. Come to think of it, they pretty much did everything in real life that the Americans do in this movie.

  5. The info about them using the engines and some interior shots was in the special features of the DVD of the movie….. Here’s something weird for you – Go to the “Dashboard” and look at the current number of posts. Right now, with my latest quiz post it’s 571….. Strange, huh……

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