Inspection Tour…..

Yes, I’m heading for the Great NorthWest this Wednesday for an inspection tour of Jektown, Anon point, and various other locations just to keep our community on its toes…… I expect to be treated as Royalty!….. Just Kidding…… If it wasn’t for Jek, we wouldn’t have this great place to converse, bitch, gripe, and just generally say what we want….. So-o-o-o, expect some postings by me on the condition of MR Central from the real HQ in the NorthWest…… I’m looking forward to getting out of the Heartland for a while…… I might have to be forced on to the return flight kicking and screaming…….

3 Responses to “Inspection Tour…..”

  1. All is in preparation, oh Royal Pain.

  2. I did make it to the Great Northwest last night….. Actually it was close to “After Midnight” (EC)….. I was greeted at the airport by none other than Jek and Anon in person……. They bowed, groveled, and begged forgiveness from their “King” (Me) and promised to fulfill my every wish during my visit…… ….And, if you believe that, can I interest you in some “soft” land in Florida?……..

  3. I just recieved a call from the Chief (Get Smart) and apparently he is having a Great time up there in the Great White Northwest. How dare you,while we are sweltering down here and dealing with the traffic around the Base because of the air show, and watching the Blue Angels fly patterns over the house and watching the fireworks from the front porch………never mind.

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