OK, MRamblers, let it fly. I would like to know what you really think.

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  1. Don’t get me started. Damn crooked bunch. I did the as-built drawings for the buildings for the Alaska Slope/pipe line and I was also structural steel inspector for the buildings( some of the buildings). Our outfit was the sub that put up the refinery buildings. We built them for BP, Brown and Root was the general contractor, Stan Steel supplied the prefab buildings, and the whole bunch was owned by HALLIBURTON. Did I mention that it was a COST/PLUS project. You paid for that one at the pump. I got stories. (Haskell did the testing)

    Don’t get me started unless you want to hear. Damn crooked bunch of……..

  2. #2 by Randalf the Grey

    Sunn, you really enjoy stirring the political pot, don’t you.
    Since this is a clean, family-oriented blog, I shouldn’t say what I think of Halliburton Services or their former CEO, Dead-Eye Dick Cheney. Do you suppose the $2,700,000,000.00 worth of theft recently uncovered by federal investigators, and the fact that the
    United Arab Emirates has no extradition treaty with the U.S. might be behind the moving of corporate headquarters to Dubai ? If you want to learn more about this model of corporate integrity, take a look at http://www.halliburtonwatch.org. This is just the kind of thing that Eisenhower warned us about in 1958 ( see Sunn’s “Sound Familiar?” post from April of 2006 and the associated comments ). Oddly enough, every Republican in the U.S. Senate has voted against a senate investigation of Halliburton.

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