The Doors in Seattle……

In my box set by The Doors, there are some live recordings….. A song called “Someday Soon” was recorded live at the Seattle Center in 1970…. I was just wondering if anyone (Anon) knew what kind of musical venue they had around the “Needle” in 1970…… I wonder if it was indoors or outdoors or just The Doors…..

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  1. Indoors would probably be the arena, where the Sonics play, until the move to OK. Outdoors might be the football stadium. Could be held out side on the grass but that is unlikely.

  2. Was the arena there in 1970?….. There was/is a football stadium around the Seattle Center area?….. And… Why didn’t you go?….. It was probably one of the last shows with Jim Morrison……

  3. A quick google reveals the show was at the Seattle Center Coliseum, the precursor to the present day Key Arena. In the 90’s the Coliseum was stripped down to nearly it’s foundation and re-built as Key Arena. MRambler saw a hockey game there once with me & Jek and some co-workers.

  4. You were in that group, TTop?…… I still remember that hockey game and I have a picture of Jek riding the whales in front of the Key Arena….. Oh, yeah, thanks for great info links……

  5. Yep, that’s the place. Me? I was in California learnen art in 1970.

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