Caligula, that beloved Roman emperor, like other imperial leaders, needed more revenue for his whatever. He decided to tax married

couples for the ……… .. …….? (congress may want to think about this one)

3 Responses to “EDUCATIONAL QUIZ ………Taxes”

  1. Amount of times that they …..well you know….did it? Seeing that it was Caligula, the Emperor of sleeze, Otherwise known as Larry Flynt’s Mentor.

  2. What? You were just sitting there waiting to get the jump on everyone? Yes, that is correct for 5 points, although I was hoping for a more dignified response……. something like “the pleasures of matrimony.” “Did It” sounds so uncultured and not up to Quiz educational standards.

  3. well you know us truckdrivers I just happened to be on just as you posted it.

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