Yea Indy

Way to go Indianapolis 29-17 I hate Chicago

2 Responses to “Yea Indy”

  1. Never been to either, so I guess I will remain indifferent as to which one I hate the most…… I bet celebrating was a mite tough in Indianapolis after the game with the single digit temps…..

  2. You know the 1st time that I went to Chicago the only frame of refrence that I had was the same as you The Blues Brothers, That town is in a perpetual state of construction, all roads are toll roads, there is no where to park a Truck without paying/nowhere to park in town, everywhere that I load at the people are of the mindset “I’m union and you are just *@#t and I will get to you whenever I damn well feel like it, It is also in a perpetual traffic jam. Indy is a much better city, from my standpoint that is.

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