EDUCATIONAL QUIZ………sounds animals make


bears “growl”, asses “bray”, bulls “bellow”, what sound does a beetle make?

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  1. “Squish”?

  2. I hate that crappy air-cooled engine sound. Crappy heater, too.

  3. The “Mersey” sound.

  4. I have a feeling everyone gets points on this one.

  5. “Chirr”, perhaps?

  6. Chirr???????? Is that half a chirp as the foot comes down?


  7. Nice one Sunn. I wonder how many people get it.

  8. #8 by Randalf the Grey

    There are more than 350,000 IDENTIFIED species of beetles, and entomoligists say there could be as many as 8 million. Most of them do not make sounds. Many though, make a squeaking sound by rubbing various body parts together ( insert invertibrate masturbation joke here ). One species makes a clicking sound.

    The “Liverpudlian” beatle of which Sunn speaks is not a true beetle.

  9. RTG, when Paul & Ringo finally bite the dust. I’m betting they will be reincarnated as beetles .

  10. RtG, I was gonna go with the “clicking” sound as a unsound guess….. What if you have more than one beetle rubbing various body parts together and not necessarily just their own?….. Would that be “group bugsturbation”? …..And, would the result be a squeaky version of “Love Me Do”?…….

  11. EVERYONE GETS FIVE POINTS…..except Jek, who didn’t contribute a damn thing.

    The correct and scientific answer is…… beetles “drone”.

    And just in case someone should ask:

    apes gibber
    deer bell
    chickens pip
    cocks crow
    falcons chant
    grasshoppers chirp or pitter
    flies buzz
    ducks quack

    There’s more………………….

  12. I got one for you: 😛 Puuupuuuuuuuuooooooooooooo 😈

  13. OK, no evil spells. You get five points.

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