RIP GM 1978-2006

Well I guess you have all heard the news. Monday GM announced that they will close the Oklahoma City assembly Facility.
I worked for a GM contractor for 2.5 years and was laid off last Oct. and guess what the UAW did not do squat for us. We were told “that’s just how it goes” well now the rest of the workers out there are now in the same boat, and as I do empathize with all of them I will cry no tears for them.
They will now see what the rest of us have had to deal with for the last 26 years.
Getting up going to work.
Not knowing if you will have a job when you get there.
Having no say in your job (Do it or we will find someone who will).
Having no grievance procedure against management.
Living from paycheck to paycheck.
Having to pay a premium for health Insurance.
And they have done it to themselves, $25.50 to $45.00 per hour wages, free Insurance, now there is nothing wrong with making a living wage, but 5times what the average for this area! Come on get real.
Where I feel sorry for some out there is most of them have no marketable skills, this is the only job that lots of them have ever had, and the average age of them is 52 years old, thats a little old to be starting over.
Also I guess GM does not care about the support companies that exist for the sole purpose of suppling this plant, and all of their workers that they have just unemployed.
As long as the board of Directors, and Stockholders NEVER EVER have to do without.
The employees of those companies are who my sadness is directed, some of those persons are quite possibly some of the finest persons I have ever known and worked with.
Johnson Controls Inc.
Collins and Aikman.
A-1 Rework services
Flex-N-Gate. Ada OK.
Choctaw Express Inc.
Logistics Insights Co.
Penske Logistics.
and last but certainly not least
Logistics Services Inc. LSI (you don’t go thru a tornado with people and not grow close to them) My drivers I had there are the finest crew that I ever had the pleasure of working with, and treasure their friendship tremendously.
The employees of those companies are who I wish all of you to keep in your thoughts and prayers (if applicable) this holiday season.
I can only hope that this will be a wakeup call to the UAW that they can’t have everything they want, sometimes when negotiating on the employees behalf they have to look at the big picture as well as the future.
I have heard so many reasons this couple of days, the reason simply is with the UAW, Workers, and the Fat Cats in Detroit. No More, No Less.
“The fault dear Brutus lies not within our stars, but within our selves”

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  1. Who was that that said big corporations run the U.S?….. Oh, I did!….. That’s weird, we were just talking about this the other day – about how much longer GM was going to stay in the OKC area…. Although, you are leaving out one other large group of people who got screwed over this whole deal and they didn’t even work for GM or any of the associates – The Oklahoman taxpayer….. I can’t even remember how many concessions and tax breaks and road building and “palm greasing” that went on for Midwest City/OKC to get the plant built here in the first place…..

    I extend my sympathy to you and all the other ex-employees who thought they had a piece of the rainbow but found the pot empty at the end….. “Gimmie Shelter”……

  2. As well as surrounding businesses that may go under as a result of this. For example, my daughter. It will have a far greater impact than just GM employees. What’s next?
    Tinker? You & I know, it’s just a matter of time. If that goes, MWC will have one helluva time trying to survive.

  3. #3 by Randalf the Grey

    I have friends and family members who will be affected by the OKC plant closing, and,
    appearently, my tribe (the Choctaws) will also be affected negatively. As J.J. said,
    unions (and the workers who control them) can be short-sighted. The union that I belong
    to (NALC) always negotiates for more pay, and only seems to give lip service to better
    working conditions. One far-sighted thing the NALC did that I wish the UAW had done was
    to negotiate a “no lay-off clause”.
    Oh well, at least all the GM big-wigs agreed to give up their multi-million dollar
    golden parachutes…….IN BIZARRO WORLD !!!

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