Who or what rules the world?

Ignorance, which procreates fear, is the most lucrative commodity ever. So fear must rule the world. Without fear, the Church, the arms industry, the government, the police and that sort of thing appear to be less of a necessity. Money is also a product that dances with fear, take it away and suddenly you are fearful, unless of course you know how to exist in this world without it.


5 Responses to “Who or what rules the world?”

  1. I’m not so sure that fear itself rules the world…… I think a balance of fear and self-confidence keeps people honest and also helps, to some degree, to keep them from damaging one another on too many occasions….. If you had no fear of punishment of any kind the dark side of human nature would run rampant, so some fear is a necessity…..

    And, I do agree that there are lots of people and organizations who promote fearful ideas in order to put big bucks in their pockets, and that money itself, or the lack of it, looms large in a person’s emotional state in this day and time…..We don’t live in family groups on small farms raising our own food and being almost totally self-sufficient anymore, which makes money an evil necessity……

    It’s the way of the modern world, and I can’t say that I care for it all that much, and I’m open to suggestions….

  2. The dark side certainly reared its’ ugly head in the aftermath of Katrina. It made me sick to read of what really went on inside the shelter, formerly known as the Superdome, which will now be leveled, not necessarily because of the storm damage.

    Back in the 60’s we had communes. Now I guess they would be called cults and considered an evil thing. Oh, well. Ain’t it a bitch getting old?


  3. What have the last few years wrought? For starters, we’re less noble,
    less tolerant, more loathed and more feared than any time in our lifetimes.
    And while American pride once denoted a sentimental sense of history and
    honor, it is now often tainted by false bravado and belligerent nationalism.
    Hmmm, doesn’t that sound an awful lot like facism?

    In time, perhaps, citizens will see that we have
    not made America any safer and that the internal threats
    we face are far greater than our differing points of view. Can we usher
    in an era rooted in truth, fairness and democratic principles? After all,
    though there are plenty of people who strive to win at all costs, for the
    most part, Americans (when they’re not brainwashed or scared out of their
    wits) are a decent lot — and value what is true and fair and just.

    I don’t know what the future holds, but I do not doubt for a moment that
    the Next Big Thing is upon us. Here’s to the Fates. Let’s hope that they
    are kind.

  4. Hear!… Hear!…..

    They managed to get rid of all those negative things on Star Trek, so-o-o-o, just maybe there’s a chance we can do it in reality….. It may be a few thousand years or so, and you have to take into consideration that we might blow ourselves up and/or destroy all our planetary resources before then…..

    BUT, there’s still hope………

  5. Hope? Maybe. To Our Children’s Children’s Children (Moody Blues)

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