“Cornbread are square”

Monday’s Rockwood, a cool, online comic strip that I regularly check, reminded me of an old Brother Dave Gardner joke. Check out the Monday’s Rockwood strip here. From what I recall, the Brother Dave joke goes something like:

A boy came home from school and his mom asked him what he had learned. He said “stuff”. She asked, “like what?” “Like pi*r^2”, he said. She replied, “Boy, they didn’t teach you nuttin’. Don’t you know pie aren’t square; Pie are round. Cornbread are square.”

Anyone in the Brother Dave know, please correct my telling; it seems a little off. Also, what album is that on?

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  1. You got the basic storyline, but Brother Dave’s version has more details…… I’m checking this very minute through my Brother Dave collection (some of which are buried in the storage shed) trying to find it….. If I remember correctly it was included in a larger story segment, so I’m going to have to do some listening to the albums to find it….. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve checked them out so I don’t remember exactly which album it’s on…… BUT, I accept the challenge and will find it and pass it on….. It’ll be great to hear Brother Dave again anyway…..

  2. If I remember it correctly it goes something like this.

    A boy comes home from his first year at college.
    His dad ask him if he is learning anything from those northern boys at college.
    He replys that he has learned lots of stuff.
    Like what? Well PiR^2 (Pie are squared).
    Pap (dad hits son) son those northern boys don’t know anything.
    Pie are round, corn bread are square.

  3. I Don’t Really remember the album, I’m Thinking “It’s Bigger than Both of Us” I know it’s post JFK. As you know Bro. Dave comes in two eras Pre and post JFK, Any hoo, You are on the right track,the guy says that his son comes back from some Yankee college he asks him what all he has learned the son says ” Well I learned some English, and Some Algerbra”, The dad says Well Speak me some” he says the pie are round punchline .

  4. I didn’t know about the pre/post JFK differences. Is there a difference in his material? Is one era better than the other?

  5. It’s not actually pre-JFK….. It is during the JFK administration and then there were a couple of albums that were a few years after the JFK assassination….. The earlier albums were far superior to the later ones…. Brother Dave was fairly old at the time of his last recordings, although there are some different versions of some of his classic stuff on them which are interesting…. All of you still don’t have the story exactly right and it was on one of the Kennedy-era albums…. His first or second one, I believe…. I hereby promise to dig them out of the storage shed this week and post an exact transcription of the story and the album it is on….. Really,….Trust me…..

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