Hobson’s Choice

We just got back from seeing “Hobson’s Choice” performed by the Exchange Theatre. They did an excellent job. There was quite a bit of energy in this old play. Basically it is about a man and his three daughters in 1880s Brittain. The man, Hobson, owns a shoe shop but is more or less owned by his daughters. The interesting thing about “Hobson’s Choice” is that he has no choice at all. The poor guy can’t get the upper hand, though the audience isn’t inclined to be sad for him. (It is a comedy you know.) Tonight all of the acting was dead on. Our friend, Dan, played the part of Will. It is sometimes hard to not “see” Dan when I go to his plays, but this time it was total immersion. Check it out this weekend if you can, as it is your last chance. See details at NWSource.com. Note that the convenient “Add to my calendar” links are provided by Tarn’s new company Trumba. You can easily add events like this to your Outlook, iCal, Hotmail, or Trumba served calendar. You can also have it send you a reminder message sent to you before the event occurs.

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  1. Someone PLEASE send me a ticket to Seattle and I would LOVE to see this play, or for that matter, any play, or anything in Seattle….. I promise to enjoy myself and make myself at home……

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