Red Dwarf

Just finished watching series 5 and 6 of Red Dwarf which were just recently released on DVD…….. I already had series 1 thru 4…….. Thanx to Jek for getting me hooked on Red Dwarf…….. It’s the best Si-Fi comedy I’ve ever seen…… The DVD’s are loaded with lots and lots of extras and full-length commentaries by the stars……. In addition, Series 5 and 6 have trading cards and one episode each with an additional fan commentary track……. The fans were selected from some sort of contest……. Series 5 and 6 have even more complicated story plots, but are still just as funny (if not more so) and believeable as the first four….. On a scale of one to infinity, The BOB RATING is Infinity+1 (more or less)……. Rent ’em if you must, but I would suggest buying them as you will want to watch ’em over and over again…….. (and NO, I didn’t get paid for this review, but, if someone wanted to float a few Benji’s my way, I wouldn’t refuse)……

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  1. Ah, Red Dwarf. I love that show. Unfortunately Tarn doesn’t feel the same. Still, I sneak a watch when I can. Too bad Seattle PBS (KCTS) stopped showing it.

  2. #2 by huskysooner

    I think we have the complete set, bootlegged back in the mid-90s from KCTS. Nearly all my favorite episodes are from seaons 4 and 5: “D.N.A.,” “Justice,” “Dimensional Jump,” “Meltdown,” “The Inquisitor,” and “Quarantine.”

    “We attack tomorrow under cover of daylight.”


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