Thanks to those who served….

Veteran’s Day gets by a lot of folks in the US (actually I tend to still call it Armistice Day, as I learned from my grandfather who was wounded in the Great War) and I wish we would do more cool things like this event from the brits. It’s been in the news and even part of the Bing homepage, they planted 880,000 ceramic poppies around the Tower of London to represent the british casualties of WWI. (I think people nowadays get impatient for historic things to celebrate, this was the centennial of the *start* of the war, and only the 96th anniversary of the end of it, but who am I to split hairs?)



Humans are still so foolish, and it’s easy to look at the world today and lament, but thankfully it has been a while since we’ve blundered into something on a scale of WWI or WWII. There may still be hope for us. As Albert Einstein famously said, “I don’t know what weapons World War III will be fought with, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

Thanks to those who have answered when called to defend us and others, their sacrifice and honor redeems humanity against the petty, greedy, stupid squabbles that inflict such suffering on the world. If politicians and businessmen were required to be in the forefront of any military action, we wouldn’t need Veteran’s Day.



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  1. One of my colleagues saw the Tower of London poppies in person this summer, while he was vacationing in the UK. He said it was spectacular and very moving, especially when thinking that each single poppy was one UK soldier killed.

  2. Yes a very heartfelt thanks to all vets.

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